Are We Ready For War

3 02 2010

Although Tom in NC is more eloquent than I, he and I share the very same sentiments. The only addition I would add to his opinion below is the following… We Conservatives will also find a certain segment of the GOP will want to use us for votes. This too would be a mistake!


Preparing for Battle 
When you have a government that is constantly in conflict with the American people, the people have very few choices other than at the ballot box. Lately this government has taken every opportunity to push unpopular legislation, mock and demean the opposition(TEA Party, Conservatives, etc), and outright lie about their accomplishments. I think this government is in some serious denial about how far the American People are willing to go to have their voices heard. It started with the TEA Party Movement, and the anger at the Town Hall Meetings but it won’t end there. This government thinks that it can pretty much run roughshod over the citizens of this country with little or no consequences, but they’d better think again.
I have a theory about why they think they can get away with this unprecedented power grab and why they think they won’t get hurt in November, they are counting on their union thugs, their parrots in the SCM media and their far left wack job organizations(Black Panthers, Move-on, ACORN) to skew this years elections in their favor. You can see it their faces, they have a plan, and that plan is to use every illegal, unconstitutional, heavy handed and even violent means at their disposal. they have lost in the arena of ideas, their agenda is toast in the minds of the people, polls show it, but that won’t stop them. Massachusetts was a shock to them and I think they lost because they never took it seriously, they were so smug that they figured the fix was already in even without having their “organizers” in place. You could hear in their voices “A Republican win Kennedy’s seat, NO WAY”. They got burned and burned badly and you can bet the farm they won’t be complacent next time, and the next time will be November.
If we think for one second that the democrats are ripe for defeat in November, we’d better think again, any organization that can get a far left, braindead, dipshit like Al Franken nominated and elected to the senate is capable of practically anything. Just putting our best people up for office will not be enough, they will need money, lots of it, they will need devoted people behind them and above all we will need to be vigilant to the corruption that we all know will be in place and expose it wherevever it takes place.
Things could get very interesting in November and could push this country to the breaking point, but if Obama and the rest of this government insists on treating the American People like the occupants of a banana republic then they shouldn’t be suprised when those same people throw out the banana peels for them to fall on their asses and keep them down by standing on their chests. A message for our government: It would be a grave mistake to underestimate the will of the American People, we are the descendants of the Minutemen who defeated the British eventhough we were outnumbered and had inferior weaponry, the GI’s that stormed the beaches at Normandy that started the downfall of Hitler and best of all we brought about the end of the Cold War by breaking the will of the Soviet Union and freeing millions from Soviet enslavement. We are and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with and will not submit to socialism in any form. We won’t shy away from a fight, ANY KIND OF FIGHT, you have been warned and I guarantee you we won’t be the first to blink in this battle of wills! 
Tom in NC     



3 responses

3 02 2010

Don’t forget about Obama’s huge and still growing slush fund. That is going to buy the far-left a lot of votes down the road.

I am also beginning to sense complacency on the part of many conservatives when it comes to next November, as they seem to think a huge republican victory is a 100% certainty.

I am not so sure that is going to happen.


3 02 2010


How soon people forget. I guess we just need to keep reminding them that a “huge republican win” does NOT mean a huge Conservative win. It could be just as bad as what the Dems are giving us.


5 02 2010


A big RINO win would be no better than the dems maintaining control.

Right now, it could go either way.

And Palin campaigning for McRino is enough to make me want to hurl.


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