Monday Open Thread

1 02 2010

Now that a lot of you are back at work and cruising the internet on your bosses dime, how about leaving a short indication as to how you feel about Fridays dust-up between the GOP and the prez.

And for those of you that could care less, the floor is all yours!

I support the Tea-Party Express.




4 responses

1 02 2010

Personally, I’m still trying to figure out how a group of Republicans ended up in Baltimore! Being that it’s my home town, and when I go there to visit the Republican population soars to…one…I have to assume that they got worried about the snow and decided to hold up in B’more until it blew over. I’ve seen the conflicting reports in the aftermath, and oddly, it seems the MSNBC crowd has a different take than Fox crowd on who “won.” I don’t know that you can win a photo op…


And speaking of photo op…for those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s Barry trying to sell the Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in Tampa yesterday– shortly after he bowed to the Mayor. This guy cracks me up…

1 02 2010


What the hell was that bowing all about yesterday???


1 02 2010

Apparently, she’s a CAIR supporter…

2 02 2010

My question is : Why did obama NOT bow to the Queen when he went to see her… That is the only one he should have bowed to and he has bowed to everyone but…. This guy is ass backward….
This man lacks common sense in a major way….

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