Late Thursday Open Thread

28 01 2010

Sorry gang, I was knocked out of commission for the last 24 hours by one of my occasional migraine headaches. On top of that, I see we were invaded during my absense by a bunch of leftards. I will go to work on them shortly, but in the meantime the floor is all yours.

Possible subject (if you can stand it), our defiant moronic president. I didn’t atch his speech but caught bits and pieces late this morning. Personally, I still think he’s as useless as teets on a bull!!!




2 responses

28 01 2010

I sense that questions are not welcome here. Did you mean to suggest that those who ask questions are both liberal and mentally handicapped? Or, if you’re referring to me, and you don’t like my particular questions, then the easy way to dispatch of them would be by submitting answers in this public forum you’ve created. I sense that you are suspicious of me, but I assure you that both my questions and my aim are sincere.

Surely you have noticed that people use many terms which seem to have meaning, but when you try to define the term, the task seems impossible. This seems to indicate that such terms have no identifiable content; that is, they do not refer to anything which actually exists. Rather they refer to abtract entities or those we imagine to exist.

Of course, in the American spirit of free enquiry, I welcome discussion. Perhaps your responses will in fact show that you are using terms which have substance and identify things which actually exist rather than things as you imagine them to be. As a good American, committed to liberty, truth, and justice, I will appreciate and acknowledge such a response.

28 01 2010

I caught the last 15 minutes…had to eat dinner first in peace! Glad to see he publicly dissed the SCOTUS and flat out lied about their ruling. Keep it classy prez!

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