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28 01 2010

While cruising through the Huffington Post the other night (I know, I know) when I came across this post by Ms. SassySafrine. I’m guessing this is your modern day Feminist trying to make some sort of dumb-ass point about Conservative women or Republican women.

I thought I would share this with you so you could leave her a message. Then I will track her down and give it to her. Her message in bold. Have fun!


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Women are discarded by the GOP. Time for all estrogen units to wake up.

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30 01 2010

I do believe that GIO has left the open forum page up for us to post further comments on this subject considering this is not about why the GOP does not have more women in politics….
I say we loose women on their RIGHT TO MURDER UNBORN BABIES………

31 01 2010

I note for the second time that my post (and a favorable response to it) have been removed from the record (or at least from the place where the post was made).

You realize, of course, that erasing the record of opposition is a hallmark of totalitarian thinking.

31 01 2010

I do not believe Gio removed the post for any other reason then to make room for our continued posts…… Most of the posts in this section had nothing to do with the topic in this section….. We were all guilty of straying from the headline…. And as you may notice ALL of the posts were removed not just yours……. Had he beed censoring YOUR posts OURS will still be here….
My suggestion is for you to go to the nearest sproting goods store and get a catchers mitt, hold it above your head so you can catch the clues as they fly above your head…….. HAPPY CATCHING…….. We are a sarcastic group….

31 01 2010

And if you want to get technical, the post disappeared AFTER I made my post to your comments……. Am I offended NO, I know GIO has my back and I might have gotten a little carried away, and said some things I should not have… I tend to do that when I let my emotions get the best of me….

31 01 2010

Activist and Patriot, yes!

Extremist, no!

Funny, you betcha!


31 01 2010

Is Scott Brown a traitor?

“Sen.-elect Scott Brown, Massachusetts Republican, said Sunday that he opposes federal funding for abortions but thinks women should have the right to choose whether to have one.

Mr. Brown told ABC’s “This Week” that he disagrees with his party’s position that the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion should be overturned.

Mr. Brown said the abortion question is one that’s best handled by a woman, her family and her doctor. He also said more effort needs to go into reducing the number of abortions in the United States.”

31 01 2010

Gio…I’m beginning to think that you favor totalitarianism…you have now twice admitted to censorship. Yet you complain that the political leaders don’t hear you or that they ignore you.

Well, here’s you big chance to be heard, and you respond by censorship and the prevention of free expression?

You can call it activism if you want…Americans call it despotism, and we have a long history of leaving tyrants behind. The clock is ticking, my friend.

1 02 2010

Velenda, in many ways, your sentiments echo mine. As I said before, I believe we share the same goals of efficient government, reasonable-but-limited taxes, personal liberty, and political, social, and financial responsibility. The problem I see is that thinking through the details of something like “upholding the Constitution” gets messy…doing that job is sometimes a matter of gray, not black and white. More on why I believe that later.

For now, because of limited time, I’ll just add one last word…I do not represent the government…I am not paid by, sponsored, or in any way legally associated with the congress. Because of the issues involved, I have stated very specifically that I am part of a team–a consultant, so to speak–associated with the House leadership by virtue of my education and training. The team has been contracted to carry out the task I mentioned before. I am in no way monitoring this site, nor any other, on behalf of the government. My task is to engage in the discussions with real people to determine who is open to honest discussion of issues and the details of policy; by the same token, I am learning who simply wishes to make claims without exposing them to reasons. I am not interested in Gio or any other specific person, here or otherwise. Some will be left behind because that is what they choose.

6 03 2010

You will if you dare find other assorted nonsense spouting from the likes of this absurd creature on Huffington. She is part of the HP Elite who have upwards of 50,000 ridiculous comments. A hateful creature at best.

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