Tim Tebow A Breath Of Fresh Air

26 01 2010

Tim and Boomer.Tim Tebow is one heck of a College Football player, and should be one heck of an NFL player, but there is SO much more to Tim Tebow than just Football. People have been writing an awful lot about this amazing young man over the last few days, so feel free to Google him and learn all you care to. There is so much to this young man that I could never do him justice. Plus, I’m not a follower of College Football so it wasn’t until recently that I even heard his name.

He’s been caught-up in a made-up controversy over an ad he bought air-time for during the upcoming Super Bowl. The article below explains. After reading this article, please read the next one. It gives you another good look at the real Tim Tebow. This country needs more Tim Tebows!


Super Bowl ad no place to play with life choices: Women’s Media Center

The ball is in the air on Super Bowl advertising and abortion morality “plays.”

On offense: Focus on the Family opened with the ball, touting its 30-second buy for a “pro-family” ad that’s a thinly dressed anti-abortion ad. It stars University of Florida grad star quarterback Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam, who choose to ignore doctors and carry a potential problem pregnancy to term.

On defense: Those who think Focus is focused on opposing choice for anyone who disagrees with its choices — i.e. women and gay groups. The Women’s Media Center called on CBS to drop the Focus ad.

Suddenly, CBS announced new rules: “Appropriate” advocacy ads are now OK for Super Bowl Sunday and, surprise, they just happen to have slots available still.

Now that the ball is in the air does that mean women’s groups will race to round up multi-millions for an ad?

Not us, says Jehmu Greene of the Women’s Media Center, speaking for a coalition of women’s groups that originally asked CBS to pull the ad. Today, Greene said:

“Americans deserve a more meaningful political discourse around women’s health. A 30 second ad war is not going to get us there.”


Huge Gator fan gets experience of a lifetime as he meets his hero

It isn’t everyday that a 7-year-old boy with cerebral palsy has the opportunity to meet his real life hero.

Fortunately for my grandson Boomer, he had the opportunity to meet University of Florida head football coach Urban Meyer at the Winged Foot Scholarship Foundation annual banquet last May where Meyer was the keynote speaker.

In March, Boomer had undergone extensive surgery on his legs which required him to be in a full-length cast (which they applied in orange and blue). Boomer’s goal was to be able to get out of his wheelchair and walk up to shake Meyer’s hand when they met at Winged Foot. Boomer did not want to be in his wheelchair when he met his favorite coach.

I had explained all of this to Meyer prior to the event but I’m not sure he was emotionally prepared to watch Boomer struggle to get out of his chair and painfully take the two or three steps necessary to approach him. Meyer got down on one knee in order to meet and speak to Boomer and you could tell immediately he was moved by what he had just witnessed.

While speaking to Boomer, Meyer asked him if he would like to come up to Gainesville to meet his favorite player, Tim Tebow, take a tour of the athletic facilities and then attend the football game the following day. Of course, Boomer was thrilled with the invitation as was the rest of his family, especially his mother who attended UF and is a huge Gator fan.

Plans were made for Boomer and family to travel to Gainesville for the season opener against Charleston Southern on Saturday, Sept. 5. Meyer’s assistant, Nancy Scarborough, made all of the arrangements and we met her at the stadium at 11:00 a.m. on Friday. Scarborough explained that Tebow would be in the coach’s office at 11:15 in order to meet Boomer, have some pictures taken and sign a few autographs before having to leave by 11:30 for media commitments.

During those 15 minutes, Tebow treated Boomer like he was his best friend. The attention and kindness he showed to Boomer was priceless and the experience that was created was something that Boomer will never forget.

Tebow had to leave, but Meyer and Scarborough continued to show us around the office area. At one point, we went into Meyer’s office to take in all of the memorabilia on display. The coach was at his desk when he picked up a picture of him and Tebow hugging after the national championship game and proceeded to take it out of the frame and autograph it.

Suddenly, Tebow reappeared and also signed the picture before presenting it to Boomer as a memento of his trip. What happened next astounded all of us, with the exception of Meyer, when Tebow took control of Boomer’s wheelchair and proceeded to give us a guided tour of the entire stadium himself. Over the next one and a half hours, we visited the workout facilities, training room, locker room and the football stadium, all with Tebow pushing Boomer and leading the way.

We returned to the coach’s office to say goodbye to Meyer. As we were talking, Tebow turned to Boomer and said, “How would you like to come on the field with me tomorrow for the pre game warm-up?”

Meyer added, “And how about after the game you join us in the locker room to be a part of the post-game activities?”

It was no surprise that both offers were readily accepted with one of the biggest smiles you have ever seen.

Friday night, Boomer’s grandmother asked him if today was the greatest day of his life. Boomer replied that tomorrow will be the greatest day and today will be the second best. I’ll be darned if he wasn’t right.

As promised, as the team entered the Swamp for their pre-game warm-ups, Tebow ran on the field pushing Boomer in his wheelchair. As the team lined up for stretching, Tebow wheeled Boomer up and down every row of players so that he could shake all of their hands.

Boomer stayed on the field throughout the warm-ups watching his hero prepare for the game. Boomer was then escorted to a private box reserved for the coach’s wives and families to watch the game.

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, Boomer was taken down to the locker room where Tebow brought him in to celebrate the Florida victory along with the rest of the team. A football was passed around for every player to sign for Boomer and then he was wheeled to the center of the room where he was surrounded by the entire team for their post-game prayer.

We will remember this experience for the rest of our lives and we will all be forever Gator fans for what we were so fortunate to have been a part of. We are so grateful to Meyer and Scarborough for all they did to make these two days the most special days in Boomer’s life, but we will never forget everything that Tebow did for Boomer.

Tebow did not need to take one and a half hours out of his day to spend with a 7-year-old boy who he had just met. Tebow did not need to invite this same boy to join him on the field for the pre-game warm-up or bring him into the locker room. Tebow did these things out of the goodness of his heart so that our grandson would have the experience of his life.

Meyer said, “It was just Tim being Tim,” and believe me, that is exactly what it was. Tebow wasn’t looking for recognition or a pat on the back for himself.

All Tebow wanted was to give a gift to a young boy who has struggled through many physical hardships and who has endured more than his share of pain.

Many Florida fans refer to Tebow as “Superman.” I used to snicker when I heard this. Not anymore.




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26 01 2010

Americans deserve a more meaningful political discourse around women’s health. A 30 second ad war is not going to get us there.” Then why are they so worried with a 30 sec ad from Focus on the Family if it’s not so meaningful? It amazes me that pro choice doesn’t include the right to choose to keep a baby…

27 01 2010


C’mon now girl, you know the choice is all about whether you get to wear a white gown or a blue gown when you strap-in to get your baby ripped or sucked out of your body, dead as a door nail.

Please excuse me while I go puke. These people dsigust me!


8 01 2012

I just came across this post. As a mother of a child with cerebral palsy who wears braces and struggles like Boomer, this just warmed my heart. My husband had the privilege to know Urban at Notre Dame. A great man. And Tebow as well. I’m not a conservative politically speaking, but when it comes to children and matters of the heart – politics has no place.

28 01 2012
Hershel Mccaghren

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29 02 2012

Tim tebow is the best quarterback and a nice man. Go Broncos!

25 03 2012

Okay, that was harsh. I’m crying my eyes out (seriously) right now. Good thing my friends aren’t here to watch this forty-nine year old guy losing it. LOL…. Seriously, good post (and yes, Tim Tebow is a great guy). -M

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