Stop Hostile Takeover of the Constitution

26 01 2010

The above Header is amazing in every sense of the word. The latest update from “People for the American Way” just arrived in my email-box and really stunk-up the place. DO NOT LET THEIR NAME FOOL YOU, THEY ARE A DANGEROUS ORGANIZATION.

Understand that this email from these radical anti-Americans, use every decision by the Conservatives on the bench of the Supreme Court as an opportunity to raise money from their dumb supporters. So, this may make you angry. Just a fair warning.



Last Thursday, by a single vote, the conservative majority in the Supreme Court staged a hostile takeover of American democracy on behalf of corporations.

Americans are rightfully outraged and we are not taking this lying down.

Following release of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC, PFAW announced a telebriefing on the decision for our members (held today) for which more than 800 people RSVP’d almost immediately — a transcript and recording of the briefing will be made available online soon.

That same day, we launched a campaign to undo the Supreme Court’s attack on democracy by amending the U.S. Constitution to ensure that Congress has the authority to limit the influence of corporations in elections. 15,000 people joined the campaign by signing our petition within the first several hours.

In addition, the generosity of People For members has never been clearer. Already, thousands of dollars have come in to help in this urgent effort.

Legal experts, members of Congress and many organizations and regular citizens are recognizing the need to counteract the Supreme Court’s devastating overhaul of laws that protect the core of our democratic system. We support legislative efforts to mitigate the damage of the Court’s decision. But a Constitutional Amendment is the most complete solution to this disaster.

Alternatives like public financing are important, but no matter how many tax payer dollars the government uses to try to offset corporate influence it will never be enough to compete with the bottomless coffers of corporations. For this reason and many more, we must amend the Constitution.


Here’s what you can do to help:

1. Sign the petition calling on congressional leaders to pass a Constitutional amendment >

2. Help overturn this radical decision by donating to the campaign >

3. Become a “fan” of our effort on Facebook >

As you may know, People For the American Way has spent many years fighting against destructive amendments to the Constitution proposed by the Right Wing around issues like flag burning, school prayer and banning gay marriage, (you remember those) so our decision to support an amendment to the Constitution in this instance was not taken lightly. As you also know, People For the American Way has spent almost 30 years fighting hard for freedom of speech. But yesterday’s decision is a perversion of the First Amendment and a departure from over 100 years of established legal precedent. The very foundation of our democracy could depend on our ability to overturn it.

Stand with us now and together we can stop corporations’ hostile takeover of our democracy.





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