Open Thread Tuesday

26 01 2010

This is your place to post and/or talk about anything you want. Velenda suggested we try a daily open thread so they get the props for this one.

Have fun…




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26 01 2010

What’s the difference between a bunch of sixth-graders and his adoring White House press corps? Answer: Sixth-graders have more credibility.

26 01 2010

Sad isn’t it. Wonder what he is afraid of saying out loud??? Maybe we would get more joe the plumber moments???

26 01 2010

Thanks Gio…

I was wondering who is getting abortions in this Country? I looked it up but nothing showed the “Party”.
I would think it is the progressive, liberal and Democrates… They are the ones that seem to be fighting so hard for it anyway.. Do not get me wrong, I do think EVERY BABY has a RIGHT to life, but most children follow their parents politically, why are they KILLING their own future? I mean if I were a progressive I would have as many kids as possible to further my party… I would not limit the resources, would you??? No way a constitutionalist could raise a progressive no matter what they are taught in school, right?

26 01 2010
26 01 2010

that says it all….

26 01 2010

Bad news…O’Keefe arrested. Boy, you know the DOJ is going to go down hard on him…

26 01 2010


Yeah, you are right it’s bad news. However there is a part of me that finds it a bit comical.
Poor O’Keefe will be sentenced to a labor camp. Oh that’s right we don’t have them here…. yet.


26 01 2010

What was this guy thinking? or was he?
Someone in the government has to be keeping a very close eye on him after his Acorn videos.
His picture is probably right next to the FBI’s 10 most wanted….

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