Calling All Blue Dogs

25 01 2010
Do you still love traditional America? I do!


NOTE: This piece was inspired by tonights Glenn Beck show.

For many years the argument was between Democrats and Republicans, or so they would have you believe. Now the arguments are getting spread-out over a range of ideas and ideologies. This is how I see the breakdown as of 1/25/2010…

  1. Republican (someone claims they are GOP, but clueless why)
  2. Neo-Con Republican
  3. Left of center Republican
  4. Moderate Republican
  5. RINO (this is a liberal Republican)

Then you have an altogether new catagory that is much closer to Republican than Democrat, they proudly call themselves the Tea-Party Movement. These folks are in general very Conservative and very pro-Constitution and pro-traditional American!

Now for the other side…

  1. Democrat (someone claims they are Dem, but clueless why)
  2. Moderate Democrat (this is what most would call a Blue Dog Dem or a traditional Democrat)
  3. Left of center Democrat
  4. Liberal Democrat
  5. Progressive Democrat
  6. Progressive/Marxist

Ok, it’s this last list that I want to talk about, and for once I want to talk to Democrats, especially the traditional Democrats or what people call Blue Dog Democrats…

You Blue Dogs are the largest group under the Democrat banner which means as citizens, you have the majority of the votes. Plus, most of the time you can make a good enough argument that you would get the Left of Center Democrat to vote with you. The Left of Center no longer holds much sway or power in your party. The sad news is… Liberals and Progressives are letting the Progressive/Marxists call the shots where it does the most damage, in the House, Senate, and White House.

My question to you is… do you still believe in the America that your parents and grandparents believed in? And are you willing to admit that the Progressive/Marxists (PM’s) are making bold moves to simply take-over your party? If you answered YES, to both of those questions then your party is in serious trouble.

For the sake of the country we dearly love, I would like to ask you to think long and hard about how the PM’s have hi-jacked your once honorable party. I’m NOT asking you to join the GOP, but I will ask you to consider what the Tea-Party movement has been all about. We do NOT speak for the GOP, and the GOP most definately does NOT speak for us. Together, I believe we can save this country. Divided only quickens the end of the USA that we know and love.

We can still have our small differences which can be worked-out by the courts via our grand Constitution, but we must stand together to rid ourselves of the crushing march towards Marxism. Once Marxism takes hold there is only one way to shake free of it, and unfortunately that will require an awful lot of good American blood being spilled.

God Bless America.


Lo and behold, a few minutes spent on the Huffington Post finds someone that agrees with my assesment…


Melinda Gopher – Huffpost Blogger I’m a Fan of Melinda Gopher I’m a fan of this user 59 fans permalink
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I agree and this is what I like to see! However, I believe Obama has allowed the blue dogs to short circuit his vision–and they have done a terrible disservice to the unity of the party, and message cohesiveness.

I live in Montana, I personally do not approve of how Sen. Baucus has tried to undermine the President with his view of this stupid health insurance bill, which he is blatantly doling out future customers to the health insurance industry through the mandate. This is going to kill the minority, working poor and middle class standard of life. People are afraid to rock the boat so to speak, and they don’t want to make an issue of this.

President Obama needs to distance himself from the people toxic to the agenda. This is not longer a viable effort: the only ones screaming for its passage are those funded by big insurance. By putting Obama in this position, the blue dogs have fractured the party. Mass. is a good example. My first thought was exactly what you just voiced–it will be a sign of things to come this fall. The Blue DOGS need to get the H * L L out of the way!












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25 01 2010

Well it only took two post on the daily kos to be outed as a troll, lol… What got me busted was the post on abortion and Dr. Tiller the baby killer… I only pointed out the babies he killed would be viable outside the womb if given half a chance… They did not LIKE that at all… Do I care not really just find it funny that this site will print comments from a progressive and actually leave it up for us all to read… FREEDOM OF SPEACH is a wonderful thing when given a chance…

26 01 2010

“We asked for freedom of the press, thought, and civil liberties in the past because we were in the opposition and needed these liberties to conquer. Now that we have conquered, there is no longer any need for such civil liberties.”

Bukharin, 1917

Google this guy!


25 01 2010

Hey Gio,
Any chance you can keep an OPEN blog going everyday so we can post out thaughts on other things then the headlines…

26 01 2010

We can give it a try and see if people like it. I have tried to not over-use it only because I wanted to be a little different and others use open threads all the time.

But like I said, we will give it a try.


25 01 2010

it’s hard to figure out the truth, from all the moneymakers trying to put the fear into you. Which science do you believe? Some say the glaciers are melting, some say they’re now forwarding. I was watching a show sometime ago and the Chinese were using silver iodide to seed the clouds, and it would rain.
So if the Silver particles are forming rain clouds in the sky, what would other particles do? Such as all the aerosols, and the offgassing of industries and vehicles etc. give us wacky weather?
It’s not the CO2 that’s the problem, it’s the sulfur dioxins.
Everybody is complaining about the big money makers and how they’re destroying the world from there greed, but everybody keeps buying gas and produce from them. I know everybody just can’t switch to alternative fuels right away, but we can start slowly, buying from smaller producers, trying to be more efficient, supporting the smaller guy, like our communitys, buying local When we can.
You think the Big kahunas are going to let anybody win in an election, big money has its all controlled, on some websites they call it (the Obama deception) the government’s and moneymakers use ( fear) to control and segregate the people, keep them all fighting against each other, all the races, groups and religions so they can keep their power.

25 01 2010

I don’t believe the blue dogs really see how the PMs are trying to hijack our country. They fear the GOP/conservative movement and don’t realize we are just trying to protect our freedom. Plus I think that some really believe govt is the answer.

26 01 2010


Besides a few obscure polls the other thing I am judging the Blue Dogs by is what I’m hearing here in North Carolina. I live in an area where both Dems and Repubs are equal opportunity scoundrels, yet in my county the Dems outnumber the Repubs by a huge margin. What gives me an inside look is being friends with a guy who is the county Dem party chair. He has no idea that I have this blog, and he’s confused about my politics because I fuss about both parties. Plus, every single one of “the guys” in my morning coffee clutch is a hardcore Democrat, and every one of them is a patriotic blue dog and damn proud of it. Lately they have been giving the Tea-Party folks a lot of respect and the president a lot of grief. On top of that I have been gently educating them to the truth about the Progressive/Marxist agenda. There is something in the DNA of patriots and eventually a bell or a light-bulb goes off and they suddenly realize they have been suckered long enough.

Truth is… only time will tell.


26 01 2010

Gio, I guess where you live is much different than Seattle….most of us on the “eastside” of Seattle are more conservative/republican. But you head to Seattle and those libs over there are die hard pro government, progressive types, even those who claim to be a blue dog. Some have complained but Seattlites keep re-electing extreme libs, including the recent mayor of Seattle – a “community organizer”, former Seirra Club chair, and champion for global warming hoax. Seattlites love a great sucker!

26 01 2010

Hey, that would make a great slogan for the City.

“Seattlites love a great sucker!” Bumperstickers anyone?


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