A Good Start

25 01 2010

The Fight has Just Begun

By Tom in N.C.
I certainly hope there are not Conservatives out there that think just because Scott Brown won in Massachusetts that we can afford to let our guard down, don’t get me wrong, his victory was a great accomplishment, but it was just one battle in a much bigger war. The democrats have been knocked back on their heels but are far from being defeated. Even with Pelosi stating that she doesn’t have the votes in the house anymore to pass healthcare, other prominent democrats are starting to grab the life preservers and prepare to abandon the sinking USS Obamacare, and Dianne Feinstein is now saying that cap and trade is DOA as well.
If there is one thing we know about democrats is that they are very adept at talking out of both sides of their mouths at the same time, so to take them at their word is dangerous. I think what we will see in the weeks and months to come there will be a more subdued democratic party, subdued but like a cornered rabid animal, that is when a liberal can be the the biggest threat. They won’t  give up on Obamacare or any of their other socialist plans, they will try any and all underhanded and unconstitutional means at their disposal to push their agenda through.
A word of warning, we can’t set back on our laurels, all it would take is one serious misstep or miscue to turn the tables against us. You can also bet the farm that liberals are on the look out for any mistakes we make. Obama fooled a lot of people in 2008, he was slick, he was cunning and he lied through his teeth with every breath. We as conservatives could see through the facade of “Hope and Change”. Our BS Detector needles were pegging off the scale with every speech that Obama gave during the campaign and now finally, it seems that a majority of Americans have awoken from their Obamacoma and come to realize his policies are trying to suppress our freedoms, kill our economy and weaken us in the face of our enemies. WELCOME TO REALITY AMERICA, WE TRIED TO WARN YOU ABOUT THE RADICAL, SOCIALIST AND LIBERAL BACKGROUND OF OBAMA. WE’RE GLAD YOU CAME TO YOUR SENSES BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE!
We still have a formidable enemy in our government and their total defeat at the ballot box is what we must strive for, and as a country who values it’s freedom we must make sure that a debacle such as this administration never happens again. We must put our best Conservative candidates forward this year and donate our time and money to their campaigns. Momentum has swung in our direction and if we don’t take advantage and keep it then things could still go south for us. We fought the good fight in Massachusetts and won, it won’t get any easier in the months to come,  just remember what is at stake(the future of our country) and the reward(freedom and prosperity) at the end of the journey. 
Tom in NC



2 responses

25 01 2010

The Brown win was good indeed, yet we all know he is not the ultra conservative we wish for. He’ll have the voters to answer to if he goes astray…

The dems may feel defeated but they are determined to shove their agenda down our throats. Read link below: Pelosi and Reid plot secret plan for Obamacare.


25 01 2010


This should blow-up in their faces, Lord willing!
There are waay too many Dems that are now worried about #1… themselves. But stranger things have happened.


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