TV Star Scott Baio A Racist

24 01 2010

This shows you how I am NOT up on the latest pop-culture stuff, and seriously folks, why would I want to?

Anyway, Scott Baio was tweeting some of his friends after the Scott Brown victory and is now in the middle of another fake controversy stirred-up by the moronic left.  It has gotten so out of hand that Scott Baio is now being called a RACIST, and receiving death threats because of something he said about Michele Obama. His crime?  He tweeted… “Wow, imagine Obama waking up to this every morning”, then posted the following photo.




Now I don’t know about you, but I do NOT find anything racist about his remark. Would that facial expression look any less frightening if that face was a white face? Hell no, it would still be scary to wake-up to.

If I’m wrong on this, please set me straight!





5 responses

24 01 2010

Is this the same left that likes to preach Kumbaya, and love and peace…….. 😉 ?The same people who tore Sarah Palin to shreds and her Down syndrome Baby? Wanna guess how many death threats they got. Hell They wanted her to kill him before he was born. Nice people………not
PS……..She does look scary as hell, and I bet ya on a good day her personality matches that pic.

24 01 2010

Yeah that is kind of rough on the eyes.

24 01 2010
(Dave) jocaasbe

It looks as if Scott Baio calls them as he sees them. WOW!

24 01 2010
Doc's Wife

Everyone can be caught on camera in not so favorable pics, and there are cameras wherever this woman goes. My kids have taken pics of me that are much worse when they are trying to be funny. I just fail to see how this can be called racist. These fools are just looking for something!!

24 01 2010

The term racists no longer has meaning……. They, the left, throw the term out against anyone that disagrees with them making the words no longer relevant…

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