The Sky Is Falling… Never mind

24 01 2010

This video was just what I needed on a rainy overcast and over-all gloomy day. The excuse they give in this video is priceless. Basically, it boils down to “Oooops”.





4 responses

24 01 2010

bwaahahahahahaha….”it’s just an error”. They belive in transparency as much as The Traitor.

24 01 2010

Can we all say Bernie???????????????????? or how about Enron?????? If there was not billions if not trillions of dollars at stake then this would not even be an issue…. The world HEATS up and COOLS down……… The cycle of life….

24 01 2010

Plus this guy needs to do something about his HAIR it is badddddddddd…

25 01 2010

That’s right, we real Conservatives have better looking hair!



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