Dirty Work

21 01 2010

Someone’s gotta do it!

I have spent quite a few hours today digesting the meaning and the blow-back from the Scott Brown win in Mass last night. Saying that I used different sources would be a serious understatement so please don’t ask for sources. As is my habit, I use the excuse that I am NOT a journalist, I am a proud- red-blooded-all-American-Conservative-with-something-to-say, and I don’t have time to do all those journalist things like useing proper English and learning how to spell. What I do have is one helluva opinion on all things political in the good old USA!

On with the show… Sadly I must report that the Progressive/Marxists are still under the illusion that the win in Mass last night is un-important. They (P/M’s) also refuse to accept that everyone in the USA does not think as they do. It’s as if when Obama became prez, magical fairy dust was put in the air and we all became as crazy as they are. Some of them want the president to, and I quote… “he should use the power we gave him and drive healthcare through the house and senate and tell everyone to sit down and shut up”. Even when you point out that Obama is a president not a Dictator, they hold to their way of thinking. One lovely gal suggested that come this November they should show up at polling places and ask people outside who they are voting for. If a person says anything other than Democrat, they will block them from entering. When I pointed out that that was totally against the law, one person proudly said “we will get the law changed”.

The P/M’s are also blaming last night, and every bad thing on the planet, on George W. Bush. I never did get a good explanation as to what Bush had to do with last night, but…. he’s responsible for everything right?

Keeping any kind of scoring on this latest political game is darn near impossible. The P/M’s are blaming the Liberal Dems, the Moderate Dems, the Conservative Dems, the Independents, the right of center Independents, the Republicans… which according to the PM’s are all FAR-RIGHT-EXTREMISTS wanting to convert everyone to Christianity and then have people lead an honest and moral life. How dare they! Well I did mention they are crazy right?

Ok, so let me get to the news. The things I learned today are… The Progressive/Marxists are mad as hell. Some of that anger is being directed to Obama. Many of the P/M’s are feeling betrayed by him and actually have called him an empty suit. Hmmm,  where did we hear that before? Back on track… For some strange reason a lot of the P/M’s are blaming Obama for not being tough enough on Wall Street and Big Banks for what happened last night. I’m not kidding either. There is a drum-beat happening on their side that is pure anti-free-market, how it involved last night I have no clue. And, they are making a lot of noise about rich people. So being the good samaritan that I am I gave them this link over and over… http://socialistworker.org/2009/04/14/party-of-the-rich-people. Funny how this seemed to really piss them off. When I asked them “when was the last time a poor man gave you a job?” some smart-ass replied “when was the last time a rich man earned his money?” I simply replied to him “when he signed other people’s payroll checks!”.

The bottom line is this… the left is pissed and they seem to want a way to show it. With all the talk about Big Banks, Big Business, Wall Street, Rich people, etc, I believe there will be some street protests very soon across the country and I think there will be lot’s of vandalism upon places that are seen by the left as EVIL-GREEDY-MONEY-CENTERS, you know, like Wal-Mart. Seriously, they are pissed-off (which just tickles the hell out of me) and want to blame their losses on our Free Markets. I don’t know what to do about it, basically because there is nothing I can do about it personally, but I do feel strongly enough about what I read and felt today that I had to warn you.

One last thing… I also saw and heard a couple of Republicans acting as if they were on top again. These idiots will have to learn the hard way and we will be the ones to teach them. Good old fashioned Common Sense won last night in the state of Mass, not the GOP!




2 responses

21 01 2010

Stoopid P/Ms…what about the $6M in bonuses and deferred compensation for Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac execs?

And do they complain about the billions their dear leader Soros earns? Right, didn’t think so.


21 01 2010

As excited as I am of this win my paranoia says watch them all very closely after all he is from a very progressive state and may just be a pocket on O’s suit

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