Obama The Desperate Progressive

19 01 2010

Just received this a few moments ago in my email. It looks as if Obama is getting desperate. Something of note: Obama never once uses the word “Democrat” instead he chooses to use “progressive champion”. Obama is a dangerous man, IMHO.



Friend —

Right now, the polls are open to elect a new senator to the seat that my friend Ted Kennedy held for 47 years.

The choice could not be more stark, and the result could not be of greater consequence — for Massachusetts or the nation.

The Bay State can send progressive champion Martha Coakley to Washington to fight for everything we believe in — health reform, getting all of our money back from Wall Street, and holding corporate interests accountable.

Or the Senate can get one more person already walking in lockstep with Washington Republicans.

The polls are still open, the choice has not been made, and you still have a crucial role to play by calling voters in Massachusetts. In a low-turnout special election like this one, every single voter counts.

Please call Massachusetts voters today.

Opponents of change and progress have been pouring money and resources into the Commonwealth — they want to keep things just as they are.

The most important thing you can do to stand up to them is call voters and urge them to get out to vote for the leader we need representing Massachusetts.

In a race as close as this one, no matter how many voters you call, you could tip the balance.

So please make sure you do everything you can today. Click here to start calling voters in Massachusetts right away:


If you were fired up in the last election, I need you more fired up in this election.

Thanks for everything you’ve done, and for your efforts in this final push,

President Barack Obama














One response

20 01 2010

Your little coup is about to be put down, Comrade Chairman.

Learn it, know it, and live it.


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