Green Fight – Green Fight

19 01 2010

Four Ecofascists found frozen to death in the VolksWagon Van during the climte summit at Copenhagen. Scientists all agree that Global Warming is to blame for their deaths.

Andy Revkin over at the NYT’s must be getting desperate. My guess is that not only has he lost readers on his NYT sponsored blog, but people have stopped believing anything he says. Copenhagen and the hacked emails has shown that people in his profession had better find another career. So maybe, just maybe, this is his last desperate attempt to get anyone to listen to him. Have fun with this one, especially the title. LOL x 20!

One other thing, Andy is trying to be-little Anthony Watts of in this article because Mr. Watts is one of the most trusted in this fight. He has this redeeming quality of telling the truth. Hansen on the other hand is a jerk! Nuff said.


Why Cold Weather Actually Means A Warmer Climate

Hansen and Watts Agree: Cold Weather, Warm Climate


As the ice that formed on the Hudson River during the recent cold snap begins to break up (see my video snapshot below), it’s perhaps a good time to close the case on  unusual cold spells in an unusually warm world.

Anthony Watts runs a Web site that has become perhaps the most popular portal for climate news and opinion of interest to people aiming to rebut warnings that humans are poised to disrupt climate. James E. Hansen of NASA has long been the most prominent scientist advocating sharp and prompt cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases to avoid a climatic calamity.

In the last few days, a notable conjunction occurred when these two men essentially agreed on something: that the planet — despite a lot of very cold patches — is unusually warm.

On his nongovernmental Web site, Dr. Hansen posted “If It’s That Warm, How Come It’s So Damned Cold?” (pdf) — a draft article, written with several colleagues, setting the current cold conditions in global (warming) context.

Mr. Watts posted a piece in what he called “the weather is not climate department,” highlighting satellite measurements showing that January, and particularly Jan. 13, were unusually warm (for the 30-year satellite period). It centered on Lubos Motl’s analysis of satellite temperature data by the University of Alabama, Huntsville, hardly a hotbed of global warming alarm.

Some critics said this was simply  Mr. Watts’s trying to cover for his earlier posts on unusual cold and to appear moderate amid all the strident charges that global warming is an outright hoax.

But to my mind, given the depth of the gulf between the perception of climate held by many people and the scientific realities, this is a moment of accord worth noting.




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