Excellent American Video!

19 01 2010

Another h/t goes out to FS for sending me the link on this one. According to sources at Taking Back America, the Marxists on the left are trying to get YouTube to take this down. Maybe we should write YouTube and thank them for allowing it to stay on their site. Just a thought. Enjoy!





8 responses

19 01 2010
Doc's Wife

Awesome!! It puts in pictures exactly how dangerous these people are. Everyone should see it.

19 01 2010
Tom in NC

Very powerful! Liberals your days in office are numbered, and a warning to you: You better not drag your feet getting Brown certified and seated, the American people have a short fuse for your brand of corruption and this is one fuse you don’t want light.

19 01 2010

LOVE IT !!!!!

20 01 2010

Seriously though must that video start with that 100X magnification close up of Nancy. I mean the horror the outright horror!

21 01 2010


I agree!


20 01 2010

That was just awesome!

My (cautious) optimism is beginning to return.

Sort of.


20 01 2010

I wanna email that to my senator up for re-election this year….

21 01 2010

I just love this video. I have posted it on every liberals facebook page I know just to rattle them lol.

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