March for Life

18 01 2010

A message to all members of Team Sarah


Join us at the March for Life this Friday, January 22nd!


The 37th Annual March for Life is this coming Friday, January 22nd.  Every year, thousands of Americans march on Washington for the Annual March for Life.  Most news outlets give it little air time, if any.  With the focus on health care reform this year, it will be interesting to see how coverage will be handled.  New this year, organizers of the March have added a “Mini-Rally” in front of the White House to the event agenda. Visit

If you are a member of Team Sarah and you are planning on attending the March or any of the associated events, please be sure to check out the following information:


You will find a summary of everything there, plus links to the event pages. Updates and information will be emailed through the group, so if you plan on attending, please be sure to join the group.


The Convention:

The White House Mini-Rally:

TS Meet-Up Breakfast:


The Rose Dinner:

In the group, we also have links for the March for Life site, the Metro, the March Route, and the Ronald Reagan Building

For more information or any questions contact:
Debi in VA (TS-TL), Billy (TS-TL), or Marta

We hope to see you there!


The Tiny Team behind the Team

Support Team Sarah at




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