Global Warming Is Here

15 01 2010

Those of you that know me are going to have a whip-lash reaction to my header above, for that I am sorry.

Living in the Mountains of western N.C. is difficult enough, but when you add in winter it can be down-right perilous. In the past however, our winters have been rather mild, which is just one of the reasons why I moved here. Normally we get a cold snap and it may last for a few days, then the good Lord does us a huge favor and lets the temperature go up into the low 50’s. Same thing whenever we get a snowstorm. It would snow hard for a day, but be almost melted away 3-4 days later due to a warm-up.

This winter is different and we can blame Global Warming. At least that’s what the nut-jobs that were once called Scientists say. We still have snow on the ground, although not much, from the snow we got over 4 weeks ago. There was some melting yesterday when we got up into the mid-40’s. But today Global Warming arrives for real as we are looking at having temps in the low-50’s. If we could keep the temps around 50 for the rest of the winter I would happily tell the world that Gore was right after all. NOT!

One last item… I was tired last night when I saw an entry on another site about the Earthquake in Haiti and how it was caused by…. Yep, you guessed right… GLOBAL WARMING. I thought I had saved the link but cannot find today, so try google and you may find it.

Time to put on some shorts and Sun-screen and get back outside. Later…





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