Danny Glover Proves His Low IQ

15 01 2010

This is funny in a Progressive/Marxist actor sort of way! Enjoy.


Danny Glover – Haiti Caused by Failure of Copenhagen Summit

Gaia is Very, Very Angry

According to blogger Tim Blair, people calling themselves Christian like Pat Robertson are not the only ones who can say crazy, insensitive things about Haiti. Danny Glover, the actor/activist, is pretty sure that global warming caused the Haiti earthquake.

Actually it was our failure to respond to global warming at the Copenhagen Summit. Danny Glover said, “When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I’m sayin’?” 

Danny Glover’s suggestion that the Earth itself somehow decided to erupt and kill and maim hundreds of thousands of black Haitians because a bunch of mainly white people couldn’t figure out a way to deal with global warming is mind blowing, to say the least. What Pat Robertson said in his smear about the people of Haiti and a pact with the devil is bad enough, but at least there was a kind of twisted cause and effect going on there. According to Danny Glover, the Earth is such a vicious bitch that she decided to kill a bunch of people who had nothing to do with what seems to be irritating her.

In other words, Danny Glover, Gaia worshiper, believes that his goddess is a sociopath. That is reason enough, one supposes, to want to become a space colonist and go live on a more friendly planet, like Mars.

One need not belabor the notion that man made global warming is largely a myth, concocted by corrupt scientists based on fixed data. If the revelations of the leaked emails at the University of East Anglia are not convincing enough, then the more recent story of similar shenanigans going on at NASA should be.

One also need not belabor yet again the spectacle of a talented actor saying appalling things about which he knows nothing. Recent history is replete with examples of Hollywood types who are somehow under the impression that just because they get paid for pretending to be someone else, that their opinions matter. The few examples of actors actually making sense (say, like Tom Hanks on space exploration and American history) really proves the rule.




5 responses

15 01 2010

So why isn’t he giving his millions to combat “global warming”? Did he give millions to help the people in Haiti?

He better start coughing up the money because I’m sure the San Andreas Fault will be a bitch when it opens up and takes down California…

16 01 2010

Idiot. Every time when a lib open their damn mouth they always vomit out their total stupidity. SHUT UP AND ACT, SING OR WHATEVER THE HELL YOU SHOULD BE DOING!

16 01 2010


This gives, or it should, people an idea how indoctrinated even an adult can get. Someone has put these whacked-out ideas in his head, which leaves me wondering who it is that is preaching to the hollywood crowd.

What makes people like Glover look so stupid is… when they can’t think for themselves, especially when it calls for using logic and reason.

Danny Glover definately goes in the “Loser” column!


17 01 2010

Hollywood and their damn bubble it is about time Americans stop feeding this beast.

17 01 2010

A long sharp needle would go a long way in the Hollyweird bubble.


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