Voters Reject Obama And Kennedy

13 01 2010

I have a few comments I would like to make, so when you see anything written in the color Red, you know it’s me. For better or worse, here goes…


Brown’s glossy veneer conceals misleading campaign

MASSACHUSETTS VOTERS have a serious choice to make.

They can fall for the frisky, truck-driving guy in a TV commercial – and end up electing a US senator who blocks much of President Obama’s domestic agenda. That’s the whole point Ms. Vennochi!

Appalled at arrogant Democrats, Wall Street bankers, and terrorists who sport attack underwear, voters can turn their anger into an excuse for replacing Ted Kennedy with a state senator who is running a clever, but ultimately dishonest campaign. Nowhere near as dis-honest as the Democrat party choice. You know, the lady that just last night was attending a fundraiser for herself, and Insurance company execs and Pharma execs just happen to also be there writing checks!

It is “the people’s seat’’ as Republican Scott Brown said during his debate with Democrat Martha Coakley. And for 47 years, the people of Massachusetts elected someone who stood for political principles that are the opposite of what Brown represents. And those principles are now considered bad for America. That’s why Brown is doing so well in Mass. “The People” have spoken!

Strip away Brown’s pretty packaging – his Massachusetts National Guard combat fatigues, his “American Idol’’- contending daughter, his warm and fuzzy ads – and this is what you get.

He is allegedly for health care reform, except he doesn’t support the historic health care reform legislation that is on the brink of passage in Washington and was Kennedy’s life quest. Then he is the candidate to vote for. Next.

He supports Roe v. Wade, except that a prominent anti-abortion advocacy group backs him as a “pro-life vote in the Senate.’’ Then he is the candidate to vote for. Next.

He dispatched his 21-year old daughter to attack Coakley for stating the truth: In 2005, Brown sponsored a legislative amendment that would have allowed medical personnel to deny emergency contraception to rape victims if it “conflicts with a sincerely held religious belief.’’ The amendment didn’t pass, but Brown owned it. It was attached to a bill that he ultimately voted for, which required emergency rooms to provide contraceptives to rape victims. That is NOT why the daughter went after Coakley and what the daughter did she did on her own!

Recently, Brown told the Boston Herald that gay marriage “is settled law. People have moved on.’’ Not long ago, though, he wanted to put it up for a referendum. Well duh, things changed in Mass and he was commenting as events unfolded. He is still the candidate to vote for. Next.

Brown bristles at Coakley’s persistent efforts to tie him to the Bush-Cheney years. But, he supports Bush-Cheney policies, from taxes to torture. If you as a Journalist (cough-cough) can’t figure this one out, then you should do the honorable thing and ask the Boston Globe to fire your dumb-ass!

And he’s willing to tap into that familiar Bush-Cheney fear factor, which paints Democrats as soft and weak “I have to be honest with you, folks. . . I’m scared of some of the policies I’ve heard,’’ he said during Monday night’s debate. Millions of Americans are scared of Obama’s policies. This is nothing new!

You want scary? No, that’s why Coakley will lose.

Brown’s a lawyer. But he uses the term “lawyered-up’’ as an insult, instead of what it is – a principle that makes America different from – and better than – the rest of the world. Under the Bush administration, Richard Reid, who tried to blow up a transatlantic flight with explosives planted in his shoe, was tried in a civilian court; he will, as Coakley repeatedly points out, spend the rest of his life in prison. In this case, the term he uses “lawyered-up” has significance because Reid should have been handed over to the military so he could have been pumped for info, or possibly given up someone higher in the terrorist food-chain. Now do you pansy-ass liberal progressive marxist get it?

Brown is also a judge advocate general, sworn to uphold the Geneva Conventions, who insists water-boarding is not torture. With that strange argument, he clashes with John McCain, the GOP presidential nominee who endorsed him. Not exactly… Brown took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Who cares what John McCain thinks, waterboarding is NOT torture. Having to read this crappy article is torture!

Brown and Obama agree on the need to send more troops to Afghanistan. Yet in his book, “True Compass,’’ Kennedy wrote that his proudest vote was the one he cast against the invasion of Iraq. Kennedy was a passionate Obama supporter, and no one can project what position he would embrace regarding Afghanistan. But it’s fair to conclude that on matters of war and peace, Kennedy would do what he always did: ask tough questions, as Coakley pledges to do. Get it through your thick skull… the Kennedy era is OVER!

Coakley has a record that should matter to voters. She cracked down on Wall Street. She won hundreds of millions of dollars for taxpayers by taking on Big Dig contractors. She prosecuted Neil Entwistle, who murdered his wife and baby, and ex-priest Paul Shanley for child molestation. Good for her. Maybe the state of Mass would be better off if she just stayed in her current position and let a real leader take the Senators seat. For the good of the people of course.

She has run a dull Senate campaign, and she doesn’t talk in quotable sound bites. But if voters are truly tired of “politics as usual,’’ why choose artifice over a candidate who isn’t trying to be anything but herself? She runs a dull campaign and that’s a good sign? LOL. Your desperation is leaving behind an odor.

She represents change, too. Coakley would make history as the first female senator from Massachusetts. Nobody gives a rats ass.

Brown represents a different kind of change. He wants voters to forget what he stood for in the past and accept him for the positions he now embraces. The voters seem to have already figured out that his past may NOT matter. You too will see this in just a few days.

Believing him is a risky choice for Massachusetts. That’s because you are a Marxist moron!

Joan Vennochi can be reached at




15 responses

14 01 2010

Just anothe propagandist (is that a word) reporter doing their job….can’t wait for 1/19!

14 01 2010
adym doe

your post is ridiculous, you sound like an angry teenager. also, if the kennedy era is over, why does brown keep going back further than ted and try to portray himself as jfk? by the way (since you don’t appear too educated on brown’s “truthiness”), when brown used jfk in his ad, jfk was speaking against a ~90% tax on the rich. thanks to the most destructive presidents of the last 50 yrs (reagan and bush), that tax is now down to ~35%. you’ll find most economists, historians, journalists, and just about anyone else with more than 12 years of schooling thinks conservative policies are bad for the country and the world. is that why you guys are so angry all the time? or is it because you can’t admit to yourselves that you’re racist and can’t accept that we have a black president….

….or maybe you just have a small p#nis?

14 01 2010

Well adym, I don’t have a penis…and I AM NOT A RACIST. I dont CARE WHAT COLOR your skin is, at least be a competent individual to do the job. Yes, we have a black AND WHITE president. Why do you insist on calling him only black?

I’m angry because: 1) our president QUADRUPLED the national debt in only ONE year 2) he is bent on ramming “health care reform” down our throats which the majority of the public DOES NOT WANT 3) he is weakening our country’s exposure to terrorists 4) is giving US Constitutional rights to terrorists 5) spends BILLIONS on programs that do nothing more than expand the federal government 6) has the least amount of private sector experience than any president in the last 50 years and doesn’t understand econ 101 7) has broken MANY promises of his campaign promises (health care reform debate on C-SPAN, no lobbyists in this admin, most transparent administration evah, blah, blah, blah). My list could go on…my firm had 4 rounds of layoffs last year and we are now down to 32 hrs/week w/no OT. hopeandchange my arse…

you’ll find most economists, historians, journalists, and just about anyone else with more than 12 years of schooling thinks conservative policies are bad for the country and the world I could care less what these people think. How’s the socialist policies working for socialist countries? Wait, unemployment at all time low…taxes lower than ours…health care that Americans would die to have…excellent living wages…having to have other countries fight wars for you…yeah, sounds like wonderful times. Guess that’s why so many Americans flock to move to Venezuela…

14 01 2010

“or is it because you can’t admit to yourselves that you’re racist and can’t accept that we have a black president….”

Hey gang Jeneane Garafalo is here what an honor, I’m such a big fan! Did you know I’ve been throwing darts at your photo for years!

Tell me adym (love that name!) can you name me these economist historians, and journalists, who claimed conservative policies ruined this country I bet you a carbon offset all of them leans heavily to the left and have a 100% guest spot on MSNBC.

Go peddle your talking points somewhere else adym.

14 01 2010


It seems to me that you found this blog by accident. I’m guessing you were trying to find

Did you happen to read the Conservatives Pledge on Racism? I made it easy for morons like you to find and yet you still are clueless. Scroll to top and look right above the Header for this post.

The presidents color is meaningless to me, his policies however are down-right un-American!

Now go back to the hole you crawled out of.

Peace baby!


14 01 2010

Another thing…how’s the “progressive policies” working for CA? BROKE. Washington State: we’ll be broke in September. MA State’s health care program: BROKE. New Jersey: $400M broke. Rhode Island: $400 M broke. Virginia: $1.8B broke. Vermont: $28M broke. hhmmm A state without a projected shortfall: Alaska.

14 01 2010

i love a good debate you guys bring up some good points….and some points that have so many holes they look like one of jimmy carter’s sweaters.

seriously though the thing i most want to understand is how conservatives can so voraciously blame obama/democratic principles for the deficit when: A. reagan brought a manageable deficit to previously unimaginable heights during his two terms (if memory serves me correct it went from 1 to 4 trillion); B. george bush II did….exactly the same thing!; and C. clinton brought it down. now we can say that clinton benefited from a good economy, but so did bush II. my understanding is that what brought the deficit up during the bush II years was the war in iraq AND the slashes in taxes for the rich and on dividends. you can’t make war and then not pay for it right? it’s the classic empire killer. and reagan had a horrible economy in the beginning of his term, but so does obama.

i am guessing you would respond that at least reagan didn’t increase spending like obama plans to. however, the OMB and obama say that the health care bill will be “budget neutral.” now, they’re most likely exaggerating (like you said mass. has problems with its health coverage) but doesn’t it make some sense that having more healthy people in the country will be good for the economy? people who forgo health care because they are uninsured cost the economy 65-130 billion per year. i think the argument here is that liberals are willing to err on the side of using government to do something good for other people. conservatives believe government should be restricted to darwinism. liberals think this view costs more in the long run and is unacceptable. do you really want to live in a land that lets its children go without basic health care?

i apologize for the race baiting and the penis comment. but seriously, you got to admit that conservatives are mostly angry white men.

14 01 2010

Damn right we’re angry. We get angry when people like you come here and start insulting people. We get angry when jerks like you immediately USE the race card as if that gives you some sort of one-up on us, when in reality it makes you look like the racist. We get angry when our very own president is trying to force a Marxist state on to the people. We get angry when jerks like you come to a forum like this and try to use propaganda and insults to win an argument.

Damn right we’re angry… so piss-off!


14 01 2010

You have problems adym first for the race baiting total unnecessary, yeah you apologized but like a good liberal it was after the dirt was dealt. As for the penis joke it was fairly low brow but nothing anyone could handle but proves as always liberals seem to have this penchant for insulting others and calling it dialog. Strange.

Unless you have some proof that shows conservatives being mostly angry white men I would back off that claim and stop watching Chris Mathews spew his unproven bile. By the way how is all of that diversity at that all white station MSNBC anyway?

I will say this one more time and please pass this on to the other libs when you meet at Starbucks. Don’t come on to this site acting like an ass and expect to be treated kindly never works, never will. By the way you made some points that was actual worth debating over but after admitting the intentional race baiting no one will trust another keystroke from you again.

14 01 2010


Amen to that!

He doesn’t deserve the respect of a debate.


14 01 2010

that’s an awful lot of sanctimony coming from posters on a site that questions our president’s ethnicity and promotes posters stating they don’t trust arabs and who make fun of native americans (ironically these posts can be found on the anti-racism page). luckily the anonymity of the internet allows me to post here ad infinitum – or until you disallow posting.

a lot of liberals really do think you guys are so angry b/c we can’t figure it out and most of you really are white.

from may 2009 gallup poll:
“More than 6 in 10 Republicans today are white conservatives, while most of the rest are whites with other ideological leanings; only 11% of Republicans are Hispanics, or are blacks or members of other races. By contrast, only 12% of Democrats are white conservatives, while about half are white moderates or liberals and a third are nonwhite.”

14 01 2010

We keep telling you, but you libs have a lot of sh*t stuck in your ears, so you just can’t hear us. Or, you can’t comprehend.


14 01 2010

So one person said they are cautious of Arabs….well, they speak for themself. But you gotta look at the ethnicity of the terrorists in the past 50 years…see a pattern?

Didn’t see one comment that was intentionally making fun of Native Americans.

14 01 2010


But I did see someone making stuff up. Name ryhmes with “Adam”.


14 01 2010

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