Glenn Interviews Sarah Poll

13 01 2010

I spent the last hour watching the Glenn Beck show for two very good reasons. First, because I like to watch Glenn’s show. Second, he spent the entire hour interviewing Sarah Palin.

Because I feel as if I already know what Sarah is all about, the most telling part of the interview for me was, when Glenn asked her about being a Republican.

That brings me to the following POLL.




3 responses

13 01 2010

Gio- I had to go GOP on the poll – for now. I’d like to see a 3rd party, but everything I’ve seen indicates it’s an unreal possibility. Election laws, districting, and a whole host of others things seem to make it a non-starter.

However, if it could be phased in over a number of years, maybe beginning at the local level, then I’d be for it. We just simply can’t allow the Democrats to remain in power and splitting the GOP vote might do it.

I think the good thing though, is that we’ve got primaries to put forth the best candidate- hopefully more Conservative than moderate. I think that’s a distinct possibility in 2010.

13 01 2010

I agree now is not the time for a 3rd party (and Lord knows I would want one!) but right now we need unity. If we miss this one chance to give the Dems and their faux messiah the boot by 2012 we are royally screwed.
We may just barely survive 4 years with these lib nuts but not 8!

14 01 2010

I chose Conservatives, I want us to have a chance to win the next election and by dividing the party right now, that would be our downfall… It is bad enough we will have to deal with Acorn stealing another election, we do not need to have three parties to pick from… I say we take back the republican title and let the wanna be fence sitters to get out of our party and run on the ” Whatever gets me in the White House” ticket…. As the saying goes “United We Stand and Divide We Fall”………

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