This Brit Hates Real Americans

12 01 2010

I just found this piece of work by the Guardian U.K., and I must admit it pissed me off. First of all, it’s quite ironic that anyone from the U.K. would NOT understand the Tea-Party Movement, especially when you go back a few hundred years to see how we gained our independence from them in the first place. I don’t want to insult the Brits as a whole, just the dummy that wrote this little piece. And how can I prove they are a dummy… Item one, see above. Item Two, the very first sentence makes no sense. ‘Tax-hating’ and ‘Gun-nuts’ are two separate issues, yet they accuse us of being ‘Single issue’. There are more issues below that tells me this person is limited intellectually. One other glaring mistake… we are accused of being against Obama’s socialism. We may have thought that at one time last year, but we have learned more about Obama over the last 12 months, and we can say with conviction that we are now worried about Marxism!

Feel free to use this link to tell this Brit to go straight to hell! Reference… “Pass notes No 2,710”


The Tea Party movement

A collection of tax-hating gun nuts and single-issue cranks who bombard the White House with teabags

Age: Not yet a year old.

Appearance: Annual Picnic for the Disgruntled.

What is it? A loose coalition of disaffected American conservatives gathering sporadically to protest big government generally, President Obama specifically and socialism, vaguely. Initially they objected to the government’s fiscal stimulus package, but the movement has grown to encompass an amorphous range of gripes both national and local.

When? Originally the idea was to mount nationwide protests on Independence Day – 4 July – but most events coalesced around 15 April, the deadline for filing US income tax returns.

What’s it got to do with tea? The name echoes a seminal moment in American history when colonists chucked a shipment of tea into Boston Harbour, in protest against taxation by the Crown without the consent of their own elected representatives.

Does the Tea Party movement go in for similar direct action? They have a form of protest called teabagging – putting a teabag in an envelope and sending it to the White House – that unfortunately shares a name with a sexual practice which you’ll have to look up on the internet.

I may disagree with their politics, but if it’s a genuine grassroots movement who am I to say they’re a bunch of morons? Critics contend it’s merely an “astroturf” movement, funded by rightwing thinktanks and heavily promoted by conservative media outlets such as Fox News, masquerading as a populist uprising.

Has it got a future? In February the first Tea Party National Convention is being held in Nashville, with the aim of uniting disparate organisations under one ideological banner.

What sort of person could unite this rag-tag collection of tax-hating gun nuts and single-issue cranks? Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker.

Do say: “OBAMA: SOCIALIST PIG” or, alternatively, “OBAMA = HITLER”

Don’t say: “Mine’s milk, no sugar, thanks.”




3 responses

12 01 2010

Typical lib…can’t argue the facts so throw in some name calling and bash Palin.

This guy, who lives across the the world, most likely has never been to a tea party, claims to know all about us. Has it got a future….you betcha! wink wink…

13 01 2010

I wonder what this ingrate’s post would read like in German?


13 01 2010



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