Two Marines On The Front-Lines

11 01 2010

These pics are from Gios’World adopted Son, Jeff and adopted bomb sniffing dog Cena. Please go to link at bottom to read about how you can help them, and their fellow Marines and their dogs.

Hanging out with the crew.

Cena get's stapled after being wonded on the job. Don't worry, Cena is fine. These Marines are tough!

Cena hooked-up to wires for training. No, it does not hurt.

Cena and Jeff get some R & R.

Please go to the following link to see how you can help Cena and Jeff while they are stationed in Afghanistan.




2 responses

13 01 2010
jeff deyoung aka lcpl deyoung

hey everyone its jeff not alot going on here thanks for the packages that will soon be arriving i want you all to do something dont focus oin me and my marines focus on the wounded warriors back home and the ones whove lost family in the war it isnt just our job its everyones job and i believe if we all do our best we can win this war but my brothers and sisters of all branches need your support everywhere so please dont just stop with me .. keep giving and finding ways to give i have put together money for carepackages to fellow troops so please start coin jars and such we are in this for the long haul..whos with me ?

13 01 2010


What exactly do you have in mind?


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