Monday Morning Laugh Riot

11 01 2010

Maybe it’s my sense of humor that’s a bit twisted, or maybe it’s the idea in the article below. You be the judge as to who is the crazy loon.

Surprise and shock, I found this gem at the HuffPo.

Big brother is washing you


The Earth Mirror isn’t your ordinary, pedestrian bathroom mirror … it keeps tabs on your water usage and induces guilt when need be.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most wasteful of them all?
If Jin Kim’s design concept, Earth Mirror, ever comes to fruition the answer to this riddle could be quite blatant … truly in your face.
The Earth Mirror is a mirror/water monitoring gizmo that attaches to your bathroom sink. An array of LED colored lights installed in the rim of the mirror display the amount of water you use on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Since the mirror truly sees all, you can configure the system to limit the water coming through the tap when you reach a certain usage point. And to really drive the water conservation message home, there are LED icons of animals-and-people-in peril embedded into the mirror.
Check out the renderings of the Earth Mirror below to get a better grasp of how it works. I’m thinking the whole thing is a bit over-the-top — and do we really need another battery-operated/plug-in gizmo? — but I do like the engaging nature of it. I suppose sometimes it takes a bit more than an internal, nagging voice to really put proactive water conservation efforts at home into top gear. What do you think? 
Here is one comment that this piece inspired.

While brushing your teeth, fill a clean glass with water and use it to rinse your mouth. Drink any excess water in the glass. Wash hands by wetting hands and soap, turn off water, scrub, turn on water and rinse fast. Turning off the water as much as possible saves water.

If your bathroom mirror works, keep it. My mirror above my bathroom sink is 40 years old…and in excellent condition.

If you can use a pee cup, it will save you water more than a water saving toilet…. and flush your toilet only for #2.

Think about conservation every day.

You can threaten me with going to hell, but I’m not getting my pee cup and my mouth rinsing cup anywhere near each other! Hell, I don’t even own a pee cup!



2 responses

11 01 2010

Okay if this crap keeps up I am moving so far back into the hills, on a hill with all approaches clear cut, large angry dogs, lots of ammo. Big guns.
Any leftist, libtard, greenfreak, government looking type will receive one, thats one, and only if I am in a good mood that day, warning shot.
Oh yeah and claymores lots of claymores…
Okay that was a bit over the top, but dammit I am so sick of this “How I should live, because some treehugging, whalesaving, greenfreak twit thinks so crap” is beginning to irritate me!!

11 01 2010

“you can configure the system to limit the water coming through the tap when you reach a certain usage point.”

HA…give me one of those mirrors and I’ll configure it flow 24/7 so I won’t have to run upstairs to turn on the tap when my cats want a drink of water! Yes, my kitties are SPOILED!

Bunch of enviro freaks…why don’t they start with sterilization so they can’t reproduce and contribute more freaks to global warming…

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