Glenn Beck An American Patriot

10 01 2010

I honestly do not care what the wrong half of the country thinks, Glenn is an American hero for what he is attempting to do. Please pray for Glenn and his family.


Protest Glenn Beck

Inside the State Theatre Saturday night, TV talk show host Glenn Beck urged his listeners to be careful, trust their guts and become the problem solvers for the historic times facing the nation.

glenn beck protest
Outside on Northampton Street before the show began, ticket holders and protesters clashed over what Beck had to say. Some called it hate speech, while others said Beck helped tell the story of American history.

About 10 protesters held up signs, including some reading, “Don’t Drink Beck Kool Aid” and “Hate speech posing as culture.”

Allentown resident Phil Stanley, holding an “Obama 2012” sign, told ticket holders to not be hypocrites and turn in their Medicare cards.

“I’m not out here for myself,” Stanley said in an interview. “I’m out here for my grandchildren. That’s what I’m out here for, to make this country better.”

While some ticket holders laughed at the protest or walked by quietly, others yelled at the picketers with phrases like “You idiots!,” “Get a job!” and “Down with Obama!”

Phillipsburg resident Reggie Regrut, who organized the small protest, said Beck’s divisiveness is as serious as what the Ku Klux Klan has to offer.

“Glenn Beck needs to be challenged,” Regrut said. “There’s…some serious issues in this country and he turns everything into a bumper sticker.”

For Leigh Fillman of Dublin, Pa., Beck has helped her connect the dots of American history and provide a behind-the-scenes perspective, getting to the root of the issues.

“Glenn just really has put everything into perspective in a very, very understandable way,” Fillman said. “It’s like a puzzle. He puts all the pieces together for you.”

About four months ago, the Easton branch of the NAACP urged the State Theatre to cancel the show in light of comments made by Beck calling President Barack Obama a racist who “has a deep-seated hatred for white people.”

Theatre President and CEO Shelley Brown told the crowd Saturday night that no one considered canceling the show.

“Freedom of speech is alive and well at the State Theatre,” Brown told the audience.

Greeted with a standing ovation, Beck told the crowd that it’s “not fun to be a guy that half the country hates.”

“I don’t hate…I just want the truth. I don’t want it to be in the shadows anymore,”glenn beckExpress Times Photo | JIM MIDDLEKAUFFGlenn Beck at the State Theatre in Easton. said Beck, as white stars reflected on the curtain behind him. “I don’t want to say the things that I do. But I know each and every one of you, if you were in my shoes, as a dad or a mom, you’d do exactly the same thing that I do…You can’t not serve. You can’t let the moment pass.”

Asked about the protesters during a question-and-answer portion of the show, Beck said although he doesn’t like the politics of Barbra Streisand, he doesn’t protest her shows. He said he just doesn’t go.

“This is America,” Beck said. “It’s about time we start acting like Americans”.




8 responses

11 01 2010

I’m sick of this BS crap that Glenn Beck promotes hate speech…what do you think MSNBC does on a nightly basis? Wanda whatever her name is? Schultz, et al those lefties with a mike/camera? DOUBLE STANDARD.

Free speech for me but not for thee…

11 01 2010


I love the fact that Glenn is always asking the Obama administration to get in touch (red phone) with him and tell him where he’s got it wrong, AND THEY DON’T!


11 01 2010
Drayton sawyer

Glenn Beck is obviously a flaming homosexual, what straight man acts so fruity, always cryin’ and flailing his wrists like a girl? I don’t trust him, I think he’s a closet homo trying to get a pay check from conseratives!

11 01 2010

So you watch all his shows to know that he’s “always” cryin’ and flailing his wrists like a girl?

I’d trust him more with my own life than I would either Keifer, Tingley Legs or Madcow – ANYDAY.

12 01 2010


Sounds to me like you may be a closet homosexual yourself and you have a crush on Beck. And it also sounds as if you have no idea what a Conservative is. You are not a Conservative, that’s for sure!


13 01 2010

You know how far we have truly sunk when people like Glen Beck, and many others, who support the ideals this nation were founded upon, are called hate mongers, and even traitors, by communists such as those pictured above.


13 05 2010

You may appreciate my blog, The Glenn Beck Review.

16 05 2010

Well I did appreciate the one comment on your blog…could say the same about the perpetrator of AGW:

“I think Al Gore is making a lot of money and laughing all the way to the bank in the back of his limo (or on the private jets he flys)…and what about the waterfront mansion Gore just bought? Shouldn’t that be under water by now? Yeah, right guess Gore was blowing smoke as usual…

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