The Democrat Plan

9 01 2010

H/T goes to Doc’s Wife for passing this on to me. For the record, I saw the segment where Bill and Brit had the conversation you are about to read. At the time, I could not get over how blind both of these very intelligent men were. As things unfold this year, I think both men are going to learn a hard lesson about what Obama and the Democrat Party have in mind for this country.


Understanding the Democrats’ Scheme

By John F. Gaski
Poor Bill O’Reilly and Brit Hume. There they were on the O’Reilly show a few weeks ago, puzzling over why Barack Obama and the Democrats are doing so many things that are damaging to our country. Bill and Brit agreed that they couldn’t possibly be harming the nation intentionally, because negative voter reaction would redound to them politically and electorally. Can’t the Democrats see this? Did they suddenly get stupid politically? This is so unlike them. How to explain this anomaly? 

Poor Bill and Brit, and many others, indeed. It is time to think the unthinkable and speak the ineffable. Apart from the troubling question of intent, or whether Obama-Pelosi-Reid just have a novel view of the public interest, the national Democrats are unnaturally and mysteriously sanguine despite growing backlash by the American people. Why? One reason:  The Dems don’t believe they will ever have to face a real election again. Is their plan not becoming obvious? It is very straightforward: 


(1) Grant amnesty to the illegal aliens (the correct term for lawbreaking invaders, regardless of their natural and rational motives) which will create up to 30 million reliably Democrat voters — especially after being registered at least once each by ACORN. That is cushion enough to carry any national election. Why else could Dems be so fixated on this agenda item? 


(2)  Speaking of which, between ACORN and the SEIU, the Democrats will be stealing all the elections they really need anyway, starting next November. (The New Jersey and Virginia governorships aren’t quite as big a prize as control of the U.S. Congress, are they? And one wonders what the real margin of Republican victory in New Jersey was, absent ACORN’s intervention.) 


Many laymen still don’t understand how the ACORN scam works. To them, ACORN’s excuse that they are merely committing voter registration fraud, not vote fraud, seems plausible. Here’s the deal: Register 100,000 phony voters such as Mickey Mouse and the Seven Dwarves, thus expanding the nominal voter rolls, and the Democrat vote counters then have the latitude to create 100,000 extra votes out of thin air on election night. This is what “community organizer” really means, and Barack Obama is forever stained by his ACORN background. Not that it matters to him. 


America should brace for the biggest vote fraud and election theft caper of all time on election night 2010 — and in the months following. We now know as well that the Dems are guaranteed to win any statewide recount where there is a Democrat Secretary of State. And who, we must ask, is there to enforce the election laws now? 


What of Florida 2000? It is easy to correct the prevailing misconception. One can usually tell what offenses against the commonweal the liberal Democrats are committing by what accusations they make against others (into which they project their own tendencies). In November 2000, Democrats did everything they could to try to steal a national election for the second time in forty years, right before a nation’s very eyes, with local partisan functionaries inventing Gore votes out of those dimpled chads. Still, the Democrats have claimed since Y2000 that George W. Bush stole that year’s election, even though every Florida recount, including those sponsored by the media, demonstrated that Bush 43 really won under the law. Republicans have been so ineffective in publicizing these true results in answer to the Democrat mantra that the propaganda has largely taken hold in the public consciousness. 


(3) As if they need it, the Dems will be secretly encouraging (maybe even hiring) third-party candidates wherever they need them, because they know that is the way to split the opposition vote. It almost always happens that way to the Democrats’ benefit. If people such as Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck don’t realize this soon, instead of talking up the third-party route, they will only help to ensure a permanent Democrat stranglehold on Congress and the presidency — although any one of this litany of methods would probably be sufficient for that. So the Dems are actually conservative in the sense of wanting some built-in redundancy! 


(4) What do we suppose the extra trillion dollars of “stimulus” money to be spent from 2010 to 2012 is really for? Just a coincidence, or a ready-made election slush fund? How much has already been committed to ACORN and SEIU? 


(5) Then there is the “universal voter registration” plan that the Wall Street Journal‘s John Fund has spotlighted, granting automatic voting privilege to anyone who has ever registered for practically anything, anywhere, anytime. The Democrats and their henchmen could work with that, couldn’t they? Or why are they so eager to enact it? Their entire history has been to oppose laws that prevent vote fraud, after all. (What could be their motive for that particular laxity?) 


These five strategies should be enough to ensure permanent Democrat control of our federal government — a virtual dictatorship. For them, it is a royal flush. But another part of the scheme may be the most pernicious of all. The worst is yet to come. 


(6) When you become dependent on the decision of a Democrat bureaucrat for crucial medical treatment — after the health care takeover — how much power does that give the Democrats over you? Elderly voters tend to vote more conservative than younger voters, so letting the elderly dies because care is “too expensive” can reshape the political profile of the electorate. But can we reasonably foresee that party registration or political contributions might enter the bureaucrat’s calculus? Might it occur to the intense partisans of the Obama administration to grant lifesaving treatment to those they regard as “their people,” but not to others? What a neat way to eliminate the opposition! Party registration is already public information. And if they can overturn the secret ballot for union elections via “card check,” how long before they try to impose the same more generally, so they will always know how you have voted? Do not trust the judiciary to save us, either, after President Obama packs the courts with more ultra-leftists. 


Chilling, isn’t it? But not extreme: Obama himself has notoriously displayed his disregard for human life by the stated willingness to sacrifice “grandma” to a pain pill and his coarse support for unrestricted abortion — even opposition to the Infant Born Alive Act, which he has tried to subvert. 


When the Democrats achieve literal death-grip power over the lives of all our citizens, that’s when they also achieve their long-cherished dream of absolute power in a virtual one-party state. Now is it becoming transparent (so to speak) what the real scheme behind their mania for “health-care reform” is? Now does it all make sense? This is not your father’s Democrat party. 


This issue is not about health care, ultimately. It is about raw political power and the long-promised radical takeover of the United States. For anyone who hasn’t thought of all this before, I guarantee that Obama and his party’s other leaders have. 


Dictatorship in a one-party state indeed seems to loom for us. As one prominent commentator has pointed out, the normal order of the human condition is tyranny, subjugation, and dictatorship, with only a couple of respite periods throughout history, including our time in the West over the past two centuries or so. It just took that long for the totalitarian types to gain near-total power in our country, which they are now consolidating over the coming year. What are the betting odds that they will ever let it go voluntarily? 


No wonder the national Democrats aren’t concerned about having to face the electorate again.  Pity the naïve, hapless Republicans who actually imagine they have a fair chance later this year and in ’12!  
The long-time president of my university, Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, used to say, “At our school, we ask all the questions, even the tough ones.” How’d I do, Father? 


The most troubling aspect of my analysis is that it represents the logical extension of irrefutable, objective facts. At least five of the six premises are no more and no less than observable Democrat behavior, and the other is a mild extrapolation at most. This is not good. 


It’s over, America. We are now living under a proto-dictatorship in the United States. In less than a year, the full reification of it will be apparent to all. Have a nice day. R.I.P., U.S.A. 


John F. Gaski, Ph.D. is Associate Professor, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame, and is author of the recently-published Frugal Cool:  How to Get Rich-Without Making Very Much Money (Corby Books). He is also a specialist in social and political power and a long-time registered Democrat. 



6 responses

10 01 2010

It Ain’t over Sir,..Sorry, but you seem to have forgotten about us who Would Rather go Down Fighting……….And I tell ya with all the stocking up and hoarding…..I think it’s gonna be one helluva fight………Just think of our Founders and the Revolution. They were farmers and shopkeepers against one of the best armies in the world. Somehow they kicked their Arse’s………

13 01 2010

I have been screaming the exact same thing for months, but it has mostly fallen on deaf ears, even at places like NewsBusters, HotAir and even Redstate, which is not a little frustrating.

Actually, its a lot frustrating.

This is a communist coup, and the communists have every intention of putting a defeat-proof communist congress in place next November.

And they just might get it.

What is more, they intend to keep Obama in the White House in 2012?

Sound impossible? Hardly.

The republican leadership, which should be putting together a coherent strategy and going after the communists with both barrels blazing.

Instead, we have the RNC chairman sitting around on his ass writing books.

If the stoopid American sheeple don’t put down their f’ing People Magazines and turn off American Idol and Entertainment Tonight, we may very well lose our country in less than ten months.

If this coup isn’t stopped cold by then, 2012 is going to be too late.

-At least through the ballot box, anyway.


13 01 2010

Sorry, but I was a little torqued when writing the above.


13 01 2010
Doc's Wife

Dave–everything that you say is true, and the unthinkable may very well happen. I also have been saying for months that we may never have another honest election. We have definitely not heard the end of Acorn and their cheating. At this point, I now wonder just how many recent elections have been on the up and up!!

13 01 2010

None of them are fair when they keep “finding” ballots in the trunks of cars…plus allowing the Black Panthers to intimidate voters.

Here in WA ST our governor stole her last election…went to court and wham, recount after recount had her receiving more votes. Then the f’in tools in this state re-elected her. dumb arses all of them

We ARE being screwed by this system. Here in WA ST all votes are by mail. God only knows what goes on in the counting offices when all the staff is hired by the govt…

13 01 2010


No need to apologize.


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