Massive Military Movement In DC?

8 01 2010

Beware: This entire story is coming from the EU TIMES, a rather new start-up in the online news and info business. They have posted stories recently that were mostly false so their credibility leaves something to be desired.

With that being said, I have never dis-trusted an administration as much as I do the Obama administration. So there are bits and pieces of what you are about to read that may actually be based in reality. That does NOT mean the story is accurate, just possible and maybe probable. While reading this story, think of how it could apply to you and your family, and how you can prepare for a very nasty time in this country. Unfortunately, I believe things are going to get much worse before they get better, but I am praying that I’m wrong. It’s time to seriously take these two simple words to heart… “Be prepared” !


EU Times Important Message before you read the actual “reports”. PLEASE READ IT!
We have received several reports via email from people pretending to be eye witnesses living in Washington DC or near it, about an alleged massive military activity in Washington DC preparing for war. Please understand that we don’t credit this story as being true. This story has not been written nor edited by the EU Times staff. We have received a vast number of emails from our readers, reporting to us about the so called “Washington DC massive military activity”. After we published their emails, we have received another vast number of emails from other people telling us that this story could be fake. So have we decided to add this message that you’re reading now.
Their emails have been posted below without being modified or edited by the EU Times staff. If they contain grammatical or factual errors, it’s their fault, not the EU Time’s fault. This article won’t be removed just yet, but if January and maybe even February 2010 pass away without anything happening, we will most likely remove this story (if we don’t forget). Again, as we have stated before, we do NOT credit their emails as being true! And further more we suspect that it was just one person sending us emails under different names.

Major Thomas of Washington DC reported to us:
“In Washington today we woke up to news that the US is thinking of a draft, getting ready for massive attacks on the US homeland, and a economic collapse looming. Military forces are been placed on alert and on news cycles they show targets like Iran, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and Venezuela. Having the debt a national security issue in the grave category. The officials in Washington state that this will now start to hit the rest of the globe now.”

Kathy Sugino reported to us:
“US military forces movement on land, air, and sea is on alert status and the Homeland Security has hinted to massive attacks across the homeland expected at anytime. Also, the Treasury Department officials with the Federal Reserve and The White House are placing forces on alert abroad and now have target lists activated, reported in Washington today. Several economist and financial investors inform The White House today that a double dip recession is now happening and that the debt is a national security issue which could lead to collapse of large portions of the banking and financial system. Unemployment is creeping back up pass 10% more to 18%. Israel is now ready to hit several targets in Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, Yemen, and parts of Lebanon was reported today in Jerusalem.”

Tim Franks of Washington DC reported to us:
“Many of us here in the USA, especially near the Washington DC area are receiving news accounts, seeing with our own eyes, and know several military and intel. People whom are reporting that the US is now ready for something horrific to hit the US homeland or within the US homeland. Second, the US economy experts today just reported another financial/banking/economic/housing/commercial real estate/ meltdown, former fed chairman Alan Greenspan just reported that a global meltdown is now started. Close to 75% of US business believe the US is now just started a double dip recession and today the Commerce and Labor department along with several firms in New York reported that it is conformed the US is officially in a double dip recession. The odd and sad situations that is happening in the US is the adult porn film industry has just been given official status and now considered a major employer due to close a million women ages 20 to 60 getting employed to make films from average worker, student, to executives at companies for extra income due to poor economy. Most women reported are married and have children. The Wall Street Journal sources are reporting a total collapse in America——JUST IN–Israeli forces on full alert to strike targets in Syria, Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah. North Korea reports it will test powerful weapon at anytime. US forces on full alert bracing for massive waves of attacks on US homeland that will have mass loss of life–economic collapse feared–reported today in Washington.”

Julie Lee reported:
“Pres. Obama has informed and ordered his intelligence and military chiefs to activate plans of possible military draft and placed all forces to defend the homeland for possible massive attack that will cause mass loss of life…..Chairman of the Joints of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen has reported in the Washington Times day before Christmas that the US military is now gravely “tired” and “hollow”. The plans for conscription has been making its way in the Pentagon annd now is approved by Pres. Obama. Pres. Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has ordered the US intelligence and military communities to take the gloves off concerning China from growing solid evidence of what China is doing to the US and the West. Pres. Obama has stated that China is also using Muslim nations as ponds and fronts for their agenda. China’s military has grown 300% and is a major military force even stronger than Russia by a 100 fold–reported by joint military study at the Pentagon. US officials are bracing for a mass attack on the US homeland in waves across the nation in a destructive manner. Military officials have also placed all US forces on alert globally—the target list for strikes are Iran, Syria, parts of Lebanon, North Korea, Venezuela, Pakistan , Yemen and the list has several other targets that are blacked out. US officials have shared grave concerns of a economic collapse in the US and a grave meltdown globally. The meltdown in the banking/financial/housing/commercial real estate/and unemployment spiking up to dangerous double digits after seasonal employment ends factored in—military forces are also ready to “secure” social collapse if necessary. Due to poor economic conditions women ages of 20 to 65 have been receiving employment discreetly in the US adult porn film industry and other adult film industries abroad as well, close to a million women reported,to make film for extra income. Since the summer of 2008—the federal government has been meeting and worked out relaxed rules and laws for the industry in all 50 states and now it is an accepted and considered a major employer to the government. Most women are in the work force from low income to company executives, school teachers, doctors, stock companies, lawyers,police officers, government and political employees,etc. All across the board. One Labor official has said that home made or company made adult film is like working at any fast food or computer company in the US—it is just accepted as means of income–most women employed since the summer are married and have children. A shocking study will be published and sent to the public in weeks.JUST IN—US banks are quietly mtg with fed and discussing more bail outs—former fed chairmen Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan has just announced that the US is now in double dip recession towards depression and global meltdown is started—-Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal. Pres. Obama approval rating hits 40% and both Republican and Democratic parties score at 25%. Tea Party and conservative label score at 80%. The US government and any government entity in the US has the lowest confidence level rated from the American public since the 1860’s and in modern times in the 1930’s—reported by Gallop and Rasmussen. URGENT—Israel reports that US and West will be attacked along with Israel ==with bio, chemical, germ, and nuclear weapons–EMP also used with terror operatives as the delivery system–hand held including suicide operatives to conventional means. Israeli forces on full alert and ready to strike—reported today in Washington.”

In conclusion, it seems that the reports about Obama preparing 1 million troops for Civil War were true and are happening right now! Time is running out, choose your side now!




7 responses

8 01 2010

Ok gio,
I can count for one… I received it from my little sister and she wanted me to ask if it was real and had any teeth… Not sure how she came across it but thaught I would send it your way…. as for the others not mine…

8 01 2010


I hope you’re not upset that I forgot to h/t you for passing this along. Ok, I’m stretching that just a little. I didn’t really forget, I just figured you may not want to be named as someone that sent it. Know what I mean?


9 01 2010

No problem gio,
I am not afraid, I have nothing to hide…I will dig up whatever I can to help between my little sister and myself we are happy to help when we can… We are PROUD to be AMERICAN

9 01 2010

As Hannity would Say “You’re a great American”!

And your sister.


9 01 2010

Hear, hear! Say it loud and say it PROUD.

8 01 2010

Yes, with this admin anything is possible. But I have a hard time believing this admin would be well prepared for anything. They can’t even keep a pantybomber who paid cash for a one way international ticket and no luggage and Visa off a plane…

No doubt an internal conflict is coming as well as another terrorist attack. God protect us because you know The Traitor isn’t well equipped to do so…

9 01 2010


And I sometimes wonder if he really wants to protect us. Think about it, does he really believe his way will make us safer? Only a fool would think so.

All we can do at the moment is to be prepared and continue the fight against his move to Marxism.


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