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8 01 2010

Once again I get the pleasure of railing against one of my favorite groups to demean and dump-on, “People for the Un-American Way”. They try to pass themselves off as patriotic Americans, but they are FAR from it. What they are is a front-group for Marxist ideology. Read the crap they sent out today below (I’m on their mailing list to keep up with their activities). Edits by me are in the color red.


From: People for the American Way

Dear Giovanni,

Last year, right-wing opposition to the new president and the Democratic-majority Congress exploded in the form of phony populism, race-baiting and a New McCarthyism — replete with guilt-by-association attacks, witch hunts and the stoking of irrational paranoia about communism and subversive elements within the highest levels of the U.S. government. This entire paragraph is nothing but Horse-Pooh! I never once saw any phony populism from the right, or race-baiting. The McCarthyism and guilt-by-association attacks are directed at Glenn Beck. How come the left cannot dispute the facts that Glenn has laid out over the last year? Because he’s right and they know it! Let’s continue… I have never witnessed a witch hunt so I don’t know waht they are talking about, but the fear of communism and subversion at the highest levels in government is true. It’s a real fear because it’s a real possibility.

What will 2010 bring?

In many ways, the so-called “Tea Party Patriots” became the embodiment of the new right-wing movement. The Religious Right and people espousing the extreme anti-government, anti-immigrant and gun-obsessed views of the sometimes-violent militia movement have joined the Tea Party crowd in unified opposition to what they see as a common enemy: the progressive change that Americans overwhelmingly voted for in 2008 and that the country so desperately needs. This paragraph tells me they have ZERO clue as to who we are. This claim that the majority of people voted for progressive change is also bullshit. Obama moved to the center to garner the independent voters. Now that Obama has shown his hand, he has been completely abandoned by the independent voter. Not only that, he’s losing more Blue Dog Democrats as each day passes. These people need to check his popularity polls. 

In blatantly power-hungry exploitation of this new movement, the Republican Party has shown an increasing willingness to kowtow to this reenergized base. Well duhhh! The GOP has turned their backs on Conservatives in recent years, so Conservatives have joined the Tea-Party movement en masse. If the GOP wants the voters that have joined the TP movement, they had better pay us some attention.

Just this week, Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer resigned under pressure from the swelling base of extreme right-wingers and Tea Party activists who have escalated an intra-party civil war around the GOP Senate primary in that state. And in this year’s elections we expect to see many GOP candidates for Congress and state legislatures across the country who are products of this new movement. Thank God!

Many Republicans in Congress have been falling all over themselves to win the adoration of the Tea Party crowd and some have already started 2010 by carrying out the Radical Right’s bidding in critical issue debates. Just a few days into the new year, 39 GOP members of Congress filed a brief to try to stop marriage equality from taking effect in DC. Once again, thank God!

In all the fights to come, People For the American Way will be your eyes, your ears and, where needed, your voice. We’ll be shining a light on the Right’s extremism, which should be evident at some of the many conventions and gatherings they have planned in the coming months like: Ok, this is hilarious… read the four bullet points below and kindly tell me where the extremism is.

  • The first National Tea Party Convention, featuring Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Scarborough, Roy Moore, Joseph Farah and others is being held February 4-6 in Nashville;
  • The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), being held in DC on February 18-20;
  • The Faith and Family Summit, hosted by the Family Research Council in Washington, DC on April 29 — May 1;
  • Janet Porter’s May Day for America event at the Lincoln Memorial on May 1, with Far Right leaders like Mat Staver, Rick Scarborough, Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), Louie Gohmert, Wendy Wright, Tim Wildmon, Gordon Klingenschmitt and others.

With your help, we will continue to Fight the Right in the states, in the courts and on Capitol Hill, where some of the battles from last year are not yet finished and many more important fights are on the way. Stay tuned. Blah-blah-blah.

Thank you for your support. And may 2010 be a great year. (for the Tea-Party movement).


Michael B. Keegan signature

Michael B. Keegan, Comrade President of “People for the Un-American Way”




2 responses

9 01 2010

Well that’s just priceless. I absolutely cannot read this with cracking a silly grin.
For just a weeeeee split second I almost felt sorry for these people….almost.

9 01 2010


Not me!

These tools have been making this bed for a long time, so I say let them sleep in it. My only hope is… that bed mites morph into little critters with big teeth and chew through these liberal commies brains while they sleep.

Or something just as satisfying.


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