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6 01 2010


A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

        They are doing it again… Reid and Pelosi are holding
        secret, backroom meetings to put the final touches on
        ObamaCare. I’m done with government working in the
        shadows, away from public scrutiny. See below.   –Steve

Dear Patriots:

We’ve just received word that congressional leadership will not
hold formal Conference meetings to resolve the difference between
the House and Senate ObamaCare bills.

They hatched the plan yesterday during a meeting with Obama’s team
at the White House. As a result, only a select few will work on
the final ObamaCare legislation — out of public view, free of
traditional governing rules, and without a single Republican!

And efforts to open these meetings up to the public have been rebuffed.

          House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to a C-SPAN
          request to televise the reconciliation process by saying,
          “There has never been a more open process for any
          legislation,” and hinted that keeping the public at bay
          is the best way to push the legislation through.

          “We will do whatever is necessary to pass the bill,”
          Pelosi concluded.

With public opposition to ObamaCare continuing to build, Reid and
Pelosi are determined to use whatever political shenanigans
they can to pass this bill as quickly as possible.

This is utterly despicable.

As an American who dearly loves my country, I cannot stand for
this kind of arrogant disregard for our rules and regulations.

These hearings must be brought to light — in full view of the
public and following the normal House-Senate procedures. And
we have to be the ones to demand as much!

+ + Their Goal: Keep Us In The Dark And Rush Passage!

It’s no secret that Reid, Pelosi and their ilk
are determined to pass ObamaCare in time for the President’s
State of the Union Address. That’s just a few weeks away.

That is why we have to diligently use the time that remains to
put the ENTIRE Congress on notice demanding these secret
meetings be brought to light.

+ + Fax and Phone Blast to Bring ObamaCare to the Light

My staff has identified the key members of Congress that need
to hear from you. Each one needs to be told repeatedly that
the American people don’t like secrets, and won’t stand for
more murky and sleazy backroom dealings.

I believe tens of thousands of faxes demanding transparency will
cause many to reconsider their actions.

Just give me permission to send faxes on your behalf to your two
Senators and Representative and key members of
Congress (including the Blue Dog Democrats and those most
vulnerable in their re-election efforts) and we can begin
putting these lawmakers on notice!

Click here now

If you prefer to send faxes on your own we’ve done all the work
for you. Simply click here to download targets and letters now:

After scheduling your faxes, pick up your phone and call your
lawmakers every day demanding the ObamaCare merger meetings be
brought into full public view.

Urge them to champion the people by opposing ObamaCare, and finally
put them on notice that support of these backroom meetings and
the ObamaCare bill may cost them their jobs!

Click Here to Locate your Rep and Senators to Call

Again, we have just a few weeks to take our best action opposing
ObamaCare and the sweeping changes that would affect EVERY American.

Click below and take immediate action with me today:

Thanks in advance for taking action with Grassfire Nation.

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation




5 responses

7 01 2010
Doc's Wife

I am sick of calling Washington!! They do not care. This bill will pass and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. It makes me sick!!!

8 01 2010

I’m trying to do my part. Here’s the trailer to my latest (first ;-)) video- the 111th Clowngress. Feel free to pass it around.

8 01 2010

Good one! will share for sure…!

8 01 2010


That was great! How did you get Blonde involved?


8 01 2010

Apparently, this originated as a discussion on NB – the clowns in the Congress, or something to that effect- and I saw an “Attention Bob Keyser” comment headline from Blonde. She asked that I come up with something in this vein, and was hoping for an animation. She’s been trying to get me to do some kind of animation for a while now. I put her name on it just for fun; she liked it.

I’m planning on adding to it Gio- so if anyone has any requests for clowns, please send them along.

Oh, I’ll also be adding a CEA credit page, or title page, if you’re good with that.

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