Tea-Party Express

5 01 2010


Here we go again, and I for one cannot wait. Let me get something out of the way first… I have been telling people there will be a huge march on D.C. in the month of March by Tea-Partiers. This info is NOT correct. The big protest will be held on April 15.


Washington (CNN) – Just about every blockbuster movie is followed by a sequel, or two. The tea party cross country caravan, it appears, is no different.

A Tea Party Express official tells CNN that they’re planning a third national tour in late March and early April that will culminate in the nation’s capitol on April 15, tax deadline day.

Levi Russell, a spokesman for the group, which is organized by the conservative political action committee Our Country Deserves Better, says the slogan for the tour is “just vote them out.”

Russell says that with the crucial 2010 midterm elections just months away, the tour will spotlight members of Congress who they consider the worst offenders when it comes to fiscal policy. While both Republicans and Democratic lawmakers will be targeted, Russell acknowledges that more Democrats than Republicans will be on their scopes.

Russell tells CNN that tour is expected to kick off on March 27 in Searchlight, Nevada, which is the hometown of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He adds that the three Republican candidates running to challenge Reid in next year’s election are planning to attend the rally.

Just as the first tea party cross country caravan ended in the nation’s capital, as part of a taxpayers march on Washington on September 12, this national tour is also scheduled to conclude in D.C. as well. The conservative group FreedomWorks organized the first march on Washington and will reprise their role for the April 15 event.

The first march ended with a large rally in front of the U.S. Capitol. This time organizers plan to hold their rally near the White House.

“September 12, 2009 was a historic day for patriotic, grassroots Americans who care about freedom,” says Brendan Steinhauser (no relation to the writer of this article), director of federal and state campaigns for FreedomWorks. “The momentum has continued, and we expect hundreds of tax day protests on April 15, 2010 around the country. But the biggest event of all will be right outside the White House, where President Obama can hear and see us.”

A second tea party cross country tour in late October and early November experienced a drop off in the number of people participating and in coverage by the media. But Russell says that drop off was expected and feels the third tour will be the best one yet, saying that “we’ll be well into the 2010 election cycle and the campaigns will be heating up.”

As with the first two cross country caravans, next year’s tour is expected to highlight the message by organizers and activists that the federal government is too large and too intrusive into the lives of private citizens, federal taxes are too high and that the federal budget deficit is out of control.

Last month, a separate group announced that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be the main attraction at what’s being billed as the “First National Tea Party Convention.”

Tea Party Nation says that last year’s Republican vice presidential candidate will serve as a keynote speaker for the conference, scheduled to take place in Nashville, Tennessee from February 4-6. The group also announced that Rep. Michele Bachmann will be speaking at the gathering as well. The Minnesota Republican has become a hero among many in the conservative movement.

Tea Party Nation is not part of the planned national tour in March and April and Tea Party Express is not taking part in the tea party convention.


UPDATE: 01/06/2010

There has been stories and rumors going around concerning the GOP trying to steal the Tea-Party movement from those like myself that have supported the Tea-Party movement because we are sick of the corruption and the games both parties have been involved in. We (the Tea-Party movement) want to keep our Conservative independence until a unifying leader can be found that we can all get behind and support.

A few of the stories are valid as one of our blog members, ‘Doc’s Wife’ mentions in the comments section below. And there may have been some attempts on a larger scale, however, the GOP cannot steal this movement. This movement is bigger than anything they will ever imagine.

But to be fair, I too had some questions about the possibility that the GOP might try to co-opt such a powerful movement, so I decided to go to a source on the inside of the Tea-Party Express. My source is Mr. Lloyd Marcus, a man of many talents that travels with the Tea-Party Express going from town-to-town singing patriotic songs and giving inspirational speeches about our love of country. Mr. Marcus is also a contributing artist to one of our sister sites here. His artwork can be found in ‘Gallery II’.

Hi Giovanni,

I have a few more graphics to send you and misplaced your email address.  As to your question, to the best of my knowledge, no, Tea Party Express is NOT funded by the GOP. Remember, they worked against the GOP by supporting the conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman in NY 23. All I know is OCDB (Our Country Deserves Better), the PAC which runs TPX are great people of character whom I highly respect. I feel honored to be a part of their team. True character is what you do when nobody is watching. OCDB pac have been doing the right things for several years. Now that Tea Party Express has become a powerful highly visible force, people are taking shots at them.
All the best, Lloyd


I’m sure we will hear tales of people and/or organizations trying to attach themselves to such a powerful movement, but I feel confident that the posers will be easily found out simply by their actions. And do keep in mind that nobody ever said that saving our country was going to be easy. We know we have to fight the Marxist left and the Democrats, and we know we have to fight most of the GOP. If there is another group out there that wants to take us on, then so be it. Saving my country is worth it, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some posers get in the way!

















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6 01 2010

Woo hoo…bring it on…can’t wait!

6 01 2010

Conservatives should stay away from the Tea Party Express because it’s been hijacked by the GOP. See http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2010/01/01/tea-parties-hijacked-by-gop/

The reality is that the Tea Party Movement is now split into at least two factions: http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/split-in-tea-party-movement/

The Tea Party Patriots appears, for now, to be authentic. We need to proceed with caution and not be duped or captured by GOP elitists or RINOs.

6 01 2010


Please see update above.


6 01 2010


I’m glad you asked Lloyd Marcus about the Tea Party Express. I want to believe him, so please ask him the following 3 questions that I posted on my Fellowship blog: http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2010/01/01/tea-parties-hijacked-by-gop/:

1. Why is a GOP political consulting firm called Russo, Marsh, and Associates, the recipient of some 65% of the expenses of the Tea Party Express’ political action committee, Our Country Deserves Better (OCDB)?

2. How is it that OCDB was founded in July 2008 at a time when Tea Parties had not yet been formed, because Obama had not yet become the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate (the Democratic Party Convention was a month later, in August 25-28), and certainly had not yet been elected President in November?

3. How is it that OCDB was created by the same man, Sal Russo, who also founded the GOP consulting firm that is the recipient of $857,122 from OCDB?

Your ally in the same battle,


6 01 2010


I posted his web addy above and he takes questions on his site in the form of email. It doesn’t make any sense for me to become a middle-person in this inquiry, so please write to him there. If his answers are telling in any way, please do let us know.

Onward and upward!


6 01 2010
Doc's Wife

This is exactly what I have been afraid of! The Tea Party Express is not what we want–it may be an attempt by Rino Repubs to get money for their cause, not ours. Even in our small mountain county there is a big squabble going on between some Tea Party people who tried to restart and elect officials to the once defunct county Republican party. State officials came in, cancelled their election and had their own. It has been a big deal in our weekly paper, and shows a split. I am so afraid that we will have this happen nationally. If it does, Barry and his band of Marxists will stay on, and the USA will be toast!!!!

6 01 2010


Please see update above.


6 01 2010
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6 01 2010

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