Open Internet My A**

4 01 2010

A quick update from Americans for Prosperity (these are the good-guys) concerning “Net Neutrality”. Warning… You ain’t gonna like it.


A couple of months ago I told you about the FCC’s regulatory power grab, boosted by the radical left, to gain control of the Internet and potentially our whole communications system.  With Glenn Beck’s help, we exposed the White House Czar charged with technology policy, Susan Crawford, and she was forced to resign.  Unfortunately, the left’s effort to take over the Internet continues.  The Federal Communications Commission is moving ahead with proposed “Open Internet” rules, which would give federal regulators vast new powers, and ultimately lead to government control of the Internet.

The stakes are huge, and will help determine outcomes on all the other issues we care about.  That’s because as long as the Internet is free, we can use it to communicate, educate, and organize.  This is what’s at stake as the FCC moves forward with its ridiculously misnamed “Open Internet” rulemaking.

Please click here to file official FCC comments opposing a Washington takeover of the Internet. Take action today – the deadline is fast approaching.

“Open Internet” is the left’s latest marketing language for what they used to call “net neutrality.”  It is an outgrowth of the larger so-called media reform project of radical left-wing activists like Robert McChesney, the Free Press founder who explained his goal to “What we want to have in the U.S. and in every society is an Internet that is not private property, but a public utility.”

“Open Internet” or “net neutrality” sounds simple – force phone and cable companies to treat every bit of information the same way – until you realize that modern networks are incredibly complex, with millions of lines of code in every router.  Making sure services like VoIP, video conferencing, and telemedicine (not to mention the next great thing that hasn’t been invented yet) get priority may be necessary to make the Internet work, but the government is considering regulations that will make it illegal to prioritize traffic.

These networks cost billions of dollars to build and maintain, and if there is uncertainty about getting a good return on that investment, private investment will dry up.  And then government will step in, spending billions of our tax dollars on a government-owned and controlled Internet.

Although Susan Crawford is gone, the White House Internet power grab goes much higher, to President Obama himself.  He said on the campaign trail: “I will take a backseat to no one in my commitment to Net Neutrality.”

Please click here to file official FCC comments opposing a Washington takeover of the Internet.

Thanks for all you do.

Phil Kerpen
Vice President and Director of Policy, Americans for Prosperity
Chairman, Internet Freedom Coalition

P.S. After you click here to file comments with the FCC against its proposed “Open Internet” rule and in support of a truly open, competitive, privately owned and controlled network, please forward this message to anyone you know who can help us fight for real Internet freedom.  And please follow me on Twitter ( and Facebook ( for the latest news. Thanks!




6 responses

5 01 2010

I must be missing something…maybe just to old..
Let’s say they pass this bill or what ever they are going to call it, all information against the government stops going on the internet, do we also wake up that same time not knowing how to use the phone or write a letter or drive our cars??? Are they going to put a cop in everyones house and force us to listen and believe what is being said??? Nobody listens now, that is why all the left wing nut jobs ratings are so low… NOBODY is buying what the are selling… The left are followers and the right are free thinkers, are we just going to STOP knowing what we know because they say so???
All the internet will do is slow the process down but the result will be the same, word of mouth, Grandpa calls jr and tells him whats happening in his neck of the woods, jr calls his hunting buddy and fills him in, hunting buddy calls his family and so on… The information is still out there just instead of minutes it takes a few days… The right knows what is coming already and getting prepared, the left is clueless, until it is to late….
Just sitting in a bar the other night I found out where everyone will go and why when the shit hits the fan… I know already I need to stock pile staples and other goods just because of the economy going to hell and so does everyone that does not believe in what is going on.. We are not brain dead we are free thinkers…. This could actually end up biting them in the ass… The left can now enter any right wing blog or chat room and get information from our side, after they are done passing this bill we go underground and we still have the information they are using and they have nothing… We spread the information the old fashion way, word of mouth, phone and by actually writing a letter… Or are they going to stop ALL communications between states??? and family members??? I believe they will tax the electricity so much that we will not be able afford to run our computers anyway… An hour of lights or 10 minutes of computer??? I will take the hour of lights the left can have the 10 minutes of crap….
I do not see free thinkers waiting until the last minute to make plans on how to survive what is sure to come… I see the left thinking they won the battle without fighting the war…

5 01 2010


I have to admit that I had not looked at it that way, but this does make me wonder… what the hell is the government going to do when tens of millions, or possibly hundreds of millions of people tell our government to GO TO HELL? What, do they plan on putting us all in jail, internment camps, etc? That would be the joke of the century!



5 01 2010

I really think we can out smart them… I live near 29 palms Marine base and this community is full of ex-marines, they are working on meeting place as we speak. The guys I talked to said they will be meeting in one place and it will go from there… People of all skill levels will be needed and the place they are talking about is open space.. Everyone that is prepared for this will have something to contribute and we should be able to outlast what is to come…
They think they are winning but believe me, they do not have a snoballs chance… I say keep gathering your supplies and keep an ear to the grind stone it is comming sooner then we all think…

5 01 2010


As much as I support what you are doing and saying, it may not be a smart idea to let too much out of the proverbial bag. Keep as much info as possible, close to the vest. With Marxist/Progressive lurkers everywhere, we have to stay one step ahead of them. Know what I mean?


6 01 2010

Yes gio, that is why I did not tell the place of the meeting, and will only tell those that I trust… and have trusted my whole life… I figure if everyone tells only the trusted then those on opposing side will remain clueless… Sad that I have to leave some family members in the dark, but my Country is worth a lot to me… And I will not do anything that does not keep her safe……..

6 01 2010

Amen to that brother!


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