Listen-up All Liberal/Progressives

2 01 2010

 Our time has come.

Transformational Comrade Barack Obama 2012

Tom in NC, has put into words how I have been feeling lately. So I asked for, and received permission from Tom to post here for all to read. Another way of putting this is somehing I heard Mark Levin say tonight on the radio. While scolding certain politicians in D.C. he said “the people are pissed-off” and then went on to explain how dumb these politicians are about the mood of the country. I’m in 100% agreement, “the people are pissed-off” and 2010 will be the year that politicians get a lesson in reality.


A Conservative message for the Liberals 

As a proud American who detests liberals as the despicable human garbage they are, I have a message for you; If you hate this country so damn much, why don’t you just get the hell out, pack your crap, buy yourself a one-way ticket to Canada, England, Denmark, or France or any of the dozens of other socialist bastions around this world, I’m sure they will welcome you with open arms and you would look forward to opening your wallet to higher taxes to support their socialist utopia.
Don’t worry we won’t lift a finger to stop you, we won’t shed a tear when leave and we won’t waste any thought processes trying to figure out how to  get you back. We will slam the door once you are gone and pop the champagne corks as we wave and yell “good riddance”.
We just ask one thing, DON’T COME BACK!  We are no longer going to set back and watch you and your ilk destroy this once great nation, we are acutely aware that your ideas, agenda and policies are abject failures. You’ve had 60+ years of failure after failure after failure; social security-BANKRUPT, medicare-BANKRUPT, medicaid-BANKRUPT, public school system-FAILING to educate large segments of our children, instead you are indoctrinating them to socialism, deviant homosexual behavior and brainwashing them into hating this country and everything it stands for from grade school through college. MILLIONS lost to abortions, God only knows who, out all those abortions could have been the next Mozart, the next Einstein or the next Mother Teresa, we’ll never know who out all those murdered would hold the cure for cancers, discover a reliable and cheap alternative fuel or discover the means to travel faster than light in order to travel between galaxies.
You’ve had your chance and now it’s time for the adults to take charge we are going to make changes, drastic changes, starting in 2010 a lot of your lackeys in the House and Senate are going to find themselves unemployed  and Obama is going to find out that Conservatives are going to stop his reckless agenda dead in its tracks. Starting next year the REVOLUTION begins, and in the words of George W. Bush; “You’re either with us or against us”, but either way WE ARE TAKING BACK THIS COUNTRY, TURNING IT AROUND AND GETTING IT BACK ON THE RIGHT TRACK, if we have to roll over you to do it, SO BE IT. Our advice to you is STAY OUT OF THE WAY AND YOU WON’T GET HURT, THE CONSERVATIVE JUGGERNAUT IS ON THE ROLL AND THE ONE PLACE YOU DON’T WANT TO BE……IS UNDER OUR WHEELS!!!!



9 responses

2 01 2010

Bravo, Tom! Well said 😉

2 01 2010

Complete agreement! Well stated Tom. Thanks for sharing Gio.

2 01 2010
Doc's Wife

Very well said, and I am ready for a new era of conservatives. Can I help w/ the going-away party?

2 01 2010
jocaasbe (Dave)

Good Stuff!!! Well said.

3 01 2010

Couldn’t agree with you more Tom…we’re going to need buses in each state!

4 01 2010

I wanna drive the bus……..please, and if a couple should somehow slip and fall under the wheels…..ooppps…. 😉

4 01 2010
Tom in NC

Just call em liberal speed bumps, LOL

5 01 2010

I will hang on the side lines and just give a small shove…. Oh wait obama will throw them under the bus when he feels he is loosing…

6 01 2010



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