Rush Ok!

30 12 2009

I’m sure everyone that frequents Gio’s World was jolted awake when they heard that Rush had a ride in an ambulance this evening due to pains in his chest. Thankfully, from what I have been told he will be just fine.

Looking good!

I am curious about one thing though, and I think you all can help me out with this question. Did it cross your mind for just a split second that both Rush and Obama were vacationing in Hawaii, and thought it suspicious that Rush had the chest pains? Just asking.






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31 12 2009

I figured it must have been Pelosi…she’s w/The Traitor as well in Aloha land…

Who told you he’s going to be ok…news source?

31 12 2009

Yes, Fox News.


31 12 2009

Great news!

31 12 2009
31 12 2009
Doc's Wife

Thoughts and prayers are w/ Rush. I must not be part of the ELITE (thank God), because I have never been to Hawaii, much less at Christmas. Some of us have to work hard seeing sick people this week because our reimbursements will be cut substantially soon so rich politicians can play! Sorry, this is about Rush, and I sincerely hope he is OK! It’s just that I detest Barry and his cronies.

31 12 2009
Tom in NC

I was thinking on the way home from work today, if Obama had any class at all, he would pay Rush a visit in the hospital and wish him a speedy recovery eventhough they are on completely opposite ends of the political spectrum, but like I said that would require Obama to display some class and we’re talking about someone who doesn’t have a cubic centimeter of class in his entire body.

31 12 2009

Just in case Gio doesn’t get around to a Happy New Year post- I want to wish all of the Gio readers a very happy and healthy 2010- hopefully one that will mark the beginning of the Conservative re-taking of America.

Happy New Year my new friends!

And Liberals, watch out…

31 12 2009

Happy New year to all! Good job as usual BK.

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