My Predictions For 2010

28 12 2009

Having polished-off the old Crystal Ball, I’m now ready to make my predictions for the up-coming new year. Earlier today I had asked you the reader to make predictions for 2010 because I was too busy at the time to do it myself. In case you want to add your prediction to the list, you have two chioces. You can write in the comment section below, or you can go back to the post from earlier today here, and leave your words of wisdom.

In no particular order…

  1. Obama will get us deeply involved in a war in Yemen.
  2. The war in Yemen will NOT be called a war.
  3. Iran slowly falls apart and has another seemingly never-ending revolution. The little pip-squeak president of Iran is thrown into the streets and ripped apart by his people.
  4. Israel takes advantage of the chaos in Iran and bombs Nuke facilities around the country.
  5. Russia threatens Israel and Obama is forced to back the Israeli’s.
  6. The Obamacare Bill will not get past the procedure whereby the Senate and the Congressional Bills get blended into one.
  7. More States Attorney Generals will join the other eleven (?) States in lawsuits calling the Obamacare Bill unconsitutional.
  8. Eric Holder, the head lawman in the country, will come under pressure to answer for some of his un-excusable actions. Two recent examples would be… Letting the two New Black Panther members skate (drop the case) for blocking and intimidating voters. And the more insane move of trying terrorists in NY courts, and moving Gitmo prisoners to the USA.
  9. Eric Holder will also become the target of a massive investigation concerning his office purposely ignoring info of illegal activity by ACORN.
  10. There is a sudden spate of suicides in the Banking industry, seemingly caused by Congress passing a law that forces the Fed to open up for an Audit.
  11. This law helps uncover some of the biggest financial crimes mankind has ever seen. The Fed cannot account for Hundreds of Billions of Tax-Payer Dollars. Needless to say, “We The People” are NOT happy and demand re-payment within 12 months. More suicides and a few suspicious deaths surround the Fed.
  12. ACORN will be forced to NOT be involved in anything that has to do with the Elections or the Census.
  13. Speaking of elections… The GOP make a lot of gains, especially in the House. However, the big news will be how a third party makes huge advances in both the House and Senate. Not only does this scare the crap out of Dems, the trend of voting third party has the GOP terrified and looking at their bleak future.
  14. Because of what happens during the election, the Obama agenda is stopped dead in it’s tracks. Can you say lame Duck?
  15. Starting in March, there will be one protest after another in Washington D.C., with the first large protest being the largest. I predict over 3 MILLION people.
  16. The left will feel threatened by the huge numbers of people that go to DC to protest against an increasingly Marxist leaning government. This will cause them to schedule their own protest at the very same time as we have one of ours. Unfortunately, this leads to some very violent altercations. Here’s a prediction within a prediction… We on the right have been pushed around for so long that we finally explode when the left tries to cave-in our skulls. The outcome is ugly, but the left leaves in ambulances and has now gotten the message. That message being… NO MORE!
  17. My hair start to re-grow!

For everyone that reads this, please keep in mind that my predictions come from a very old Crystal Ball and has many scratches and cracks. A little like me.  😉





5 responses

28 12 2009

Hyperinflation…higher unemployment (my company announced 2 days b4 Christmas that we’re all cut back to 32 hours & will be reviewed after 1st quarter).

Successful terrorist attack on US soil or in the air….Napolitano under da bus.

North Korea launches more missiles.

11/10 can’t come soon enough…

28 12 2009

I’m ecspecially looking forward to #16. Bring it on!!!!!

28 12 2009

For 2010 and beyond, I just hope this guy is wrong:

29 12 2009

Well, I can draw the crystal ball but what I see inside of it is a bit murky. At this point, about all I can read is this:

1. Economically, no significant movement. We’ll see prices rise, somewhat, do to controlled inflation. We’ll see spending remain at its current level, and we’ll see unemployment fall to 8.5% by the end of 2010.

2. Iran will falsely claim to possess a nuclear weapon when in fact they will be six crucial months from actually going on-line with one. The claim will be made to stave off an Israeli attack -and it will work. Israel will not attack and instead, place all of their hope on the Obama administration and their promises to apply military pressure at any Iranian threat. (Looking forward- September, 2011: Palestinian militants detonate an Iranian suitcase nuke in an Israeli town killing thousands. The U.S. will do nothing.)

3. We’ll begin the military exodus from the middle east. Two downed civilian airliners will convince the Obama administration to capitulate on any further military action fearing it will further inflame Anti-Americanism. Hamid Karzai will be overthrown and publicly executed.

4. The GOP will gain many seats in the House and a few in the Senate, but not take control of either. Nancy Pelosi will claim victory, though she will not pass any other major legislation. (She’ll be re-elected but lose her Speakership in 2012. Harry Reid will not be re-elected.)

5. Health Care Reform will pass and be named after Ted Kennedy. It won’t be repealed. (Its truly damaging effects won’t be felt for nearly a decade when tax increases will approach those of the Carter years, and Social Security will be scrapped in favor of Health Care.)

6. And finally, the only 100% sure bet: Every major (and minor) pitfall experienced by the Obama Administration will be blamed on George Bush and Dick Cheney -including the possibility of a looming mini-Ice Age.

Obviously, I’m not much of an optimist, but I don’t think the administration feels any need to change its course. Keynesian Economics will prevail, and recovery will take a better part of 5 years (assuming BO is a single-termer.) We’ve already seen his inability to stomach any kind of military conflict, and he only relents kicking and screaming, with caveat time limits. War is always an inconvenience to Liberals, and he’s the most liberal Liberal we’ve ever had occupy the White House. At least FDR sent Americans into combat with the backing of the central government- Barry doesn’t seem to have the stones for that. And while I do think the Conservative Movement is gaining in power, I don’t think it has a real good history of voter turnout, which is why I think we’ll see some gains, but not all that could be achieved -I think Unions will still preserve some of the tougher races for their Dems. The Carter-esque foreign policy is another area that will remain firmly entrenched until Barry has been ejected from office. I think he’ll lose the 2012 race along Carter-like percentages, but until then, we’ll waste three more years trying to play kissy-face with Dictators.

I’ve said this elsewhere, and I apologize to anyone this might offend, but I blame Independents for our prolonged plight. I’ve not always agreed with everything a political platform has to offer, but I do feel it’s necessary to chose a side. Failing to do say can lead to exactly what happened last year -the election of a completely unqualified individual based on the emotions of folks normally unable or unwilling to remain steadfast. I say, get some principles. Stand strong for what you believe in and fight to change what you don’t, but don’t sit around unattached waiting for someone to purchase your support. But I guess this is the result of a society bent on instant gratification. And its a real shame that our children are growing up with this seed firmly implanted.


1 01 2010

My prediction is, given that 2009 was probably the absolute worst year in this nation’s 233 year history, 2010 will most definitely be the most important one.

As far as predictions for 2010 go, who really knows? Things are about as upside down and backward as they could possibly be.

One thing I do know with 100% certainty is that we are going to know when we wake up on the morning of November 03 whether are not we still have at least a fighting chance at remaining the United States of America, or we are going to be something else.

If it turns out to be the latter, 2012 will come much too late to reverse it.


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