Eowyn – For the Record

24 12 2009

I’ve been a part of Giovanni’s World since October 2008 when I first discovered this blog. Like the many regulars here, I too found Gio’s World to be interesting, its conservative politics compatible, and its owner, Giovanni Faga, a blog host rare in his courtesy, humor, and warm hospitality. Almost immediately I began posting comments. I also started e-mailing Gio news articles I found which I thought he’d find interesting and suitable for his blog.

Thus began an online friendship, founded on mutual respect and a genuine meeting-of-minds.

Several months passed. I was touched when Gio, in recognition of the news articles I sent him, many of which he used, conferred on me the honorary title of Giovanni’s World’s “West coast editor.” Then, sometime in late March or early April of this year, planning a well-deserved weekend away from home, fishing, Gio entrusted me with his blog by giving me the awesome priviledge of all the behind-the-scenes editing functions over Giovanni’s World.

That was the weekend when I, cautiously, began writing posts, learning by doing how to do wordpress blogging.

Sadly, my association with Giovanni’s World must now end.

Some of you know of Gio’s recent 4-day absence that began late Friday night, through Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and most of this Tuesday.  Some of the regulars here also know that Gio has been absent from his blog in the past. This time, however, was different because of its duration.

I was already concerned after his first day of absence and silence, because I knew about a possible health condition of his. Then, Sunday went by. Still nothing from Gio. Then, Monday morning passed, which was when Gio would pop back from his absences in the past. I began to be really worried.

My thoughts started racing…. What if Gio had a medical crisis, like a heart attack, and is immobilized and cannot get to a computer? Although I’ve given him my home phone number — and my real name and home address — Gio has refused to give me his. I’ve conducted numerous people searches on the Internet for a “Giovanni Faga” who lives in North Carolina. Each time, the search could not find one; the closest is a “John Faga” (“Giovanni” is Italian for “John”) who is 95 years old and lives in Horse Shoe, NC.

I e-mailed a couple of the regulars of Gio’s World to find out if they have Gio’s phone number. Nothing. I sent a frantic e-mail to Gio, asking “Where are you?”, that his absence and silence were freaking me out, and begging him to please give me a call, or if he can’t call me, to call Steve (whose phone number Gio has) to relay a message to me. My e-mail ends with these words:

“I do not deserve to be treated this way. I certainly don’t treat my friends this way.”

Throughout Gio’s absence and unnerving silence, I kept up with his blog, posting articles, videos, cartoons, jokes, to keep readers informed and hopefully entertained — as I’ve done when Gio went MIA in the past. I was worried sick — but there was NOTHING I could do, except to wait…and hope…and pray.

Late Monday night, while wandering the net, I finally came across a piece of news from a local news outlet in North Carolina that the snow storm that cut through the East coast had caused widespread power outages in the western region of NC where Gio presumably lives. My mind was a bit eased, because now I have some explanation for his absence. But I continued to worry, for what if he got injured in the bad weather?

Then, he finally popped back onto the blog on Tuesday afternoon, with a brief explanation about the blizzard-caused power outage. An hour went by before he returned my frantic e-mail with the same explanation, completely ignoring my plea for his phone number and my last desperate words.

Then, in an exchange of comments with bkeyser and me on his “I’m Baaack” thread, Gio dismissed my query concerning his secrecy about phone calls (or rather the refusal to call) with a self-righteous indignant protest that we’re “questioning his privacy.” 

That was when I realized that THINGS WILL NEVER CHANGE. My friendship with Gio and my association with Giovanni’s World will ALWAYS be on his terms. That is, in the name of protecting his privacy (as if I, Steve, and others who have given our phone numbers to Gio do not value our privacy!), “Giovanni Faga” will NEVER trust me enough to give me his phone number, or his real name, or have the consideration and empathy to relieve me from worrying about him by giving me a call (or have someone give me a call) when he’s absent from his own blog. But I simply CANNOT go through another one of his mysterious absences, worrying and fretting.  

Gio’s attempt at an apology, his “Gio – For The Record” post, only confirms the sad conclusion I already arrived at.

So, this is my formal GOODBYE to “Giovanni Faga” and Giovanni’s World. I have so enjoyed being the “West coast editor” of this blog and, in the process, meeting and befriending so many of you. I will treasure those memories. 

I hope Mr. Faga will allow me to extend an invitation to the readers of his blog to visit a new conservative blog I, Steve, and my best friend Joan have formed: Fellowship of the Minds. Although it has only just begun, do come by and check us out. We conservatives are truly in a war for the heart, mind, and soul of our beloved country. It is not an exaggeration to say that the very survival of America and the U. S. Constitution is in jeopardy. In this war, we need as many informed fierce combatants on our side as we can muster. Thus, Fellowship of the Minds is not a competitor of Giovanni’s World. We are fighting on the same side, for the same cause.

In closing, Steve and I wish you all a very Joyous Christmas and God’s wondrous Grace and Blessings,


Christmas Eve, 2009








6 responses

24 12 2009
Doc's Wife

I can see both sides of this. She feels hurt, and she did do a lot of work. However, being the extremely private person that I am, I totally understand Gio’s feelings. I have perhaps been a bit naive about my postings and e-mails to Gio, because it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who I am. I plan to continue to visit here becsuse it is a bright spot in my day, and I feel part of a very conservative family. My best to you, Eowyn. Merry Christmas and God bless!

24 12 2009

This is definately a sad day for me and the entire Gio’sWorld family.

Eowyn, I will miss you!

May God bless you and keep you safe. Merry Christmas.


24 12 2009

I’ll miss you too, Gio and everyone at GiovanniWorld.

But it’s not like I’m going to Mars. I’ll stop by now and then to comment.

Do visit us at Fellowship of the Minds (you especially, Gio!): http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/

If cities can be sisters, so can blogs! 😉


26 12 2009

I’ll be checking both blogs from now on. I really enjoy reading the posts from both of you. Sister blogs sounds like a good idea to me.

28 12 2009

As an ‘on again- off again’ viewer of Gio’s world, I will truly miss Eowyn’s posts and constant comments. Thank you for your contributions to this blog. I look forward to seeing you at fellowshipofminds.

28 12 2009

Thank you for your kind words, Kathy!
Do come by and check us out 😉


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