Survival For All Americans

23 12 2009

Here in the Asheville NC area we have a rather famous News Radio Station whose call letters are WWNC 570 on the AM dial. The only reason why it is famous has something to do with being one of the country’s oldest AM Stations. This radio station is ‘the’ talk radio station for all of Western North Carolina, part of the NC Foothills, the upstate of SC, and a small part of both northern Georgia and Eastern TN. You get to hear Glenn Beck from 9:00 am til noon, then it’s Rush for the next 3 hours. Starting at 3:00 pm a local guy by the name of Matt Mattan has a show called ‘Take a stand’ until 6:00.

On the ‘Take a stand’ show today Matt had a guest fill-in host. The fill-in guy spent 2 out of the 3 hours with Dr. William Forstchen as his guest. If his name sounds familiar it’s because he has written quite a few books with Newt Gingrich, with his latest “One Second After” being written completely by himself. The book recently became a huge bestseller as a disaster story unfolding after the detonation of an EMP Electromagnetic Pulse weapon takes out all communications and the entire electrical grid of the USA.

Well, Dr. Forstchen spent a good deal of time today talking about how people have been calling him over the past few days asking him advice about some of the crazy survival stories that came about because of the weekend snowstorm. He recounted a few of the hellish stories on air, which had a real personal feel to them because of what I had just gone through with my family.

At one point the guest-host asked Dr. Forstchen for some good advice on survival. The good doctor quickly came back and told the listening audience that if you really want to know anything and everything about survival, to look-up a man that goes by the name of Wesley Rawles. I did so, and am excited as you-know-what to let you in on the best kept secret on the internet. For more than you ever thought you should know about survival go to… This site is awesome, as my granddaughter would say. Make darn sure you bookmark that site, then for kicks, bookmark this one!

Enjoy all they have to offer.





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23 12 2009
Doc's Wife

My husband read “One Second After” shortly after it was released, and it was ALL he could talk about. He worried me to death to read it, and I gave it a try but was too frightened to read very far. Thanks for the survivalist blog. Now he can obcess and give me more to worry about!

24 12 2009

So I’m guessing your husband would recommend the book?

I understand your being frightened of the book. Although it’s fiction, it’s all based on events that are more than just a little plausible, and the technology is already known, so when you put those two together… yikes!

Actually, being your husband is a Physician, you two may be better prepared for an emergency than most.


BTW…. I saw your post about where you live and you are dead-on accurate. You live in the middle of nowhere!

23 12 2009

Well there’s quite some good stuff there! Having been through four days of no electricity myself back in 07, I’ve learned enough to keep my house warm and always have a good stock of food.

Although I don’t think I’m up for killing bunnies…I’d rather eat my beef jerky!

24 12 2009

Do you make your own Jerky?

You saw the Rabbit article too huh? For the record, rabbit is very good eating.


24 12 2009

Don’t make my own jerky, buy it by bulk at Costco.

Use to be more into fishing and hunting before I became a city-gal…

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