Is Detroit America’s Future?

22 12 2009

Here’s a very sobering video on the utter ruination that is Detroit — a city of abandoned dilapidated houses; high rises and a cathedral (!) with broken windows; failed schools; crimes (6th highest in violent crimes among America’s largest cities); and a nearly 50% unemployment rate.

There are barren tracts of land in the city, over grown with weeds, inhabited by wild dogs and bears. It is a city of our nightmares, resembling the bleak post-apocalyptic urban landscape of some Hollywood movie — except this is real life.

It is also the result of decades of Leftist policies. Detroit has had a Democratic mayor for the last 47 years, since 1962.

Watch this, post this on blogs, and e-mail this to your friends and families — so that Detroit’s present does not become America’s future.

H/t GiovanniWorld’s in-house artist BKeyser!





One response

22 12 2009
Cecil Moon

If anyone saw the Crowder video and thought he sought locations to shoot which intentionally exaggerated the absolute destruction of the city–forget it. Once you leave the downtown area, you could tape that piece in any block you came to. Nothing is exempt from the devastation. Schools, churches, stores, homes, apartments, manufacturers; all share the affect left over from socialist programs and “aid” to the poor.

Had this chaos been caused by a foreign power, the response would have been swift and terrible. As usual, the primary damage came from within. Go help us all.

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