Gio – For The Record

22 12 2009

Hello to all of you that read this blog.

As some of you know by now, my family and I just came through a rather rough time with the snowstorm we got hit with here in western North Carolina. We have had some members of the blog make some statements and/or have questions about my absence so I’m writing this post to explain some of what I think people really want to know.

This will take some time to write all my thoughts and explanations, so check back often as I will be updating this post more than a couple of times. To give you a small idea of what we went through go here… There you will see a video near the top of the page with a picture of trees and snow etc. Watch it and you get just a small idea of what we went through.

I’ll be back shortly with more thoughts and info.

See, that didn’t take long. Ok, now I want to tackle a subject that is near and dear to my heart… Eowyn, the blogs West Coast Editor. One of the things on my Priority-To-Do list for this evening was to thank Eowyn once again for keeping the blog going with some really good info and witty comments. She feels as if I have used her (I think) over the last few days, and for this I am truly sorry. She’s mad at me now so I don’t expect her to reply, but with that in mind I would like to make the following statement…

Eowyn had started to email me and write comments in the blog about a year ago. I was always impressed by her intelligence and wit, but what impressed most was her take-no-prisoner approach when it came to the left. Especially those on the left that support baby-killing (abortion). The two of us would email back and forth and we soon realized that we shared alot of values and views. It was never an attraction like a online dating service thing, no this was just a good friendship. She impressed me so much with her convictions and her ability to put her thoughts into words (something I lack) that I asked her one day if she would like to write for the blog. She said yes, and I was thrilled. Not too long afterwards I wanted to make her feel as if she was really a part of the blog, so I asked her if she would like to be the blogs West Coast Editor (she lives on the west coast. duh!). She said yes to this also, and once again I was thrilled. Over time she became one of the very best friends I have never met (still is).

As mentioned in a few comments made today, privacy is an issue, one that I will talk about a little later tonight. Like I said earlier, check back often.

I have decided to put this off until after the holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone!




3 responses

22 12 2009
Doc's Wife

Welcome back–wondered where you were. Our far western county was spared but our son’s future in-laws on Balsam were w/o power several days.

22 12 2009


Do you live closer to Cherokee than to Asheville?


23 12 2009
Doc's Wife

Gio–I live in the middle of no-where west of Cherokee.

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