A Man of Principle

22 12 2009

Rep. Parker Griffith, M. D. (R-Alabama)

Congressman and physician Parker Griffith (D-Alabama) today made a stand on principle and changed his party identification from Democrat to Republican.

This is the statement he made to the press on why he’s switching his party from Democrat to Republican. I can’t find the video on youtube, so you’ll have to go to HotAir’s website for the video. It’s the second one, labeled “Politico.”

His statement deserves to be read, and not just heard. Here it is:

I’m a physician and understand our health care system. I spoke out early and often in my opposition to the health care bill and I votged against it in the House.

It appears today that this health care bill will pass the Senate…. I want to make it perfectly clear that this bill is bad for our doctors, it’s bad for our patients, it’s bad for the young men and women who are considering going into the health care field.

As a doctor and as a Republican, I plan to once again oppose this measure and hope we can defeat this bill that is a major threat to our economy. It is a threat to our nation. It is a threat to our health care system.

I know there will be those who do not support my deciision. I want you to know it was not an easy decision to make. But I always remember I was not sent to Congress to represent a party. I was sent to Congress to represent the people of the 5th district.

After watching as Congress continues to pursue policies that burden our children with debt and threaten our economy, as someone who is deeply concerned about the future of this country, I beleive that joining with the Republican Party is what is best for our country. It’s best for Alabama, it’s best for our children’s future, it’s best for the kitchen table of the 5th Congressional District.

There is no room really in the Democratic Party for a pro-life, pro-business, pro-Second Amendment conservative businessman. These individuals like myself are not being considred in this drift. This far, far drift to the Left is something unless you see it unfold, you really don’t realize how severe it is.

I think we are at a cross roads, and so I think the distinctions between the parties cannot be clearer. It’s time for me to make a decision, and you can see from my votes over the last year, I tried to send that message to the Democratic Party: “Get back in the mainstream! Paty attention to what’s going on in America!”

We are watching them pass a health care bill that virtually two-thirds of America is saying “don’t pass, leave it alone, start over again,” and they’re completely ignoring the American people at their own risk.”

I salute you, Dr. Griffith! America needs more political representatives like you.





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