Govt By the Left, For the Left, Of the Left

20 12 2009


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The United States of America was founded with the blood of patriots in 1776 after an 80-month Revolutionary War — for Liberty from tyranny so as to institute a Government By the People, For the People, and Of the People.

In 2009, that government died.

What Americans have today is Government By the Left, For the Left, and Of the Left. It is a rule of:


The latest Battleground Poll of December 16, 2009, found that 63% of the American people describe themselves as “very conservative” or “somewhat conservative.” The rest of America — not just liberals, but moderates and people who were unsure about their ideology or chose not to respond to that question — total only 37% of America.

BRIBES to secure the last critical vote needed to get an unpopular bill passed:

EXTORTION – Threats by none other than the President of the United States against uncooperative legislators:

  • Obama to Rep. Pete DeFazio (D-OR), who voted against climate change and the stumulus: ““Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.”


Obama and the Democrats are determined to ram through their socialist agenda even though poll after after poll show a majority of Americans oppose:

  • 57% of voters nationwide say that it would be better to pass no health care reform bill this year instead of passing the plan currently being considered by Congress. Only 34% think that passing that bill would be better.
  • 66% of voters prefer a smaller government with fewer services and lower taxes over a more active government with more services and higher taxes.
  • Plunging approval for Obama: As of Dec. 20, only 26% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. 41% Strongly Disapprove.

And they say Third World countries are corrupt….





8 responses

21 12 2009

Pastor spoke of King Herod tonight…waiting for power, disturbed baby Jesus was the King of kings…didnt’ want to share his agenda w/Jesus…Herod tried to kill all babies…

These CORRUPT representatives are King Herod of the 21st century – disgusting!!

21 12 2009

Two links about letting Senators/Representatives/political critters know that the people of this country don’t want this healthcare takeover:

Is America worth fighting for? (They answer in the affirmative and detail what they will be dong this week to communicate with their elected folk in Congress.)

They are going to their Senators’ local offices to talk to their staff in person:

21 12 2009

Thanks Jess…sat in my car during lunch hr making calls. 1st call: tried to be somewhat polite. 2nd call: the twit felt the need to explain what cloture meant and I WENT OFF. 3rd call: aide was sorry she answered the phone! Felt sooooooooooo good!

21 12 2009

Bravo, DCG! We’ll keep reminding our stinkin’ reps in D.C. that THEY ARE THE PEOPLE’S SERVANTS!

21 12 2009
Doc's Wife

At this point, is there any way at all that we can stop these Marxists who are hell-bent on destroying this wonderful nation? I do not think there is at this point in time. I find it hard to believe that All Democrats are such crooks–do none of them love America any more? I woke up, listened to the news about healthcare passage in the Senate, and have had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach ever since. This is Christmas, and they are taking advantage of a sacred time to SCREW this country!!!

21 12 2009

They have clearly violated the Constitution…….Lawsuits will be flying. I copied this section from and Article from Newsmax, or somewhere…..sorry I forgot

“The final hold out was Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson. But he hit the jackpot when they bought his yes vote, scoring $45 million to completely cover Nebraska’s Medicaid bill every year into the indefinite future.

“Clearly this deal violates Article 1 Section 9 part 6 of the Constitution which says: “No preference shall be given by any Regulation of Commerce or Revenue to the Ports of one state over another…” and Article 4 Section 2 which says: “The Citizens of each state shall be entitled to all the Privileges and Immunities of the Citizens in the several states.”

21 12 2009

Thanks Steve…gives me another reason to call my reps again tomorrow and SCREAM…unless they blocked my number!

21 12 2009
Tom in NC

No doubt Steve, this monstrosity will be tied up in the courts for years, it violates the Constitution on so many levels that it isn’t even funny.

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