Spot-On Movie Review

19 12 2009

I’m a Star Wars (and Lord of the Rings) geek.

Of course, by Star Wars I mean the first 3 movies. You know, the ones with Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo. The later 3 movies — the Prequels — are execrable.

This review of the first of the prequels, The Phantom Menace, is spot-on and really funny. Can someone pronounce “protagonist”? LOL

Hey, with the Ben Nelson betrayal, we need to laugh….





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22 12 2009

I saw this on Big Hollywood, this guy is truly spot on with his analysis of the movie. I liked episode one (except for that damn Jar-Jar) but it seem “rushed” to me like it could have been so much more then what the finished product was.

Two and three was better once you got past young Anakin’s constant whining.

26 12 2009

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