Bobble Obama

19 12 2009

H/t GiovanniWorld’s in-house artist bkeyser!





5 responses

19 12 2009

Bob……….Your able to do this kind of stuff now……..Wow, da man.
Awesome….and funny as all hell, Thanks for the laugh. By the way what happened to Totus? Does he have it in his contract he don’t work in blizzards?….. 😉

19 12 2009

Nah, Steve- that’s not my work. I actually saw something about this on Breitbart yesterday evening, and in talking with Eowyn today, I saw this updated (sped up) version.

Funny though, huh?

20 12 2009

Bob, with your talent……..I just assumed…….LOL. Have you tried that Mossaic thing yet……….I still havent found the time. And yes it was funny as hell. And Tom tht’s a very good analogy……LOL

19 12 2009
Tom in NC

Looks like a bobble head doll on the dashboard of a pick-up with blown shocks driving down a dirt road, lol

20 12 2009
Cecil Moon

I am in no way commenting to defend the jerk-in-chief but I would point out that in the absence of his teleprompter and reading from notes withdrawn from his pocket, he looked just like every other pogue who reads from the printed page. He had to lower his head about every 10 to 20 seconds to accommodate his extremely limited memory.

The major story is his abject failure to overcome a huge collection of national representatives, each with his own agenda, to form a united coalition to defeat the climate change straw man. Herding cats is just no fun and even less so, totally selfish cats.

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