Palin 2012 Poll

18 12 2009

Newsmax has a poll on Sarah Palin for President in 2012. This is what the poll says:

Sarah Palin for President in 2012?
Cast Your Vote!

Scroll down to vote., one of America’s leading online news services, is conducting an urgent national online poll about Sarah Palin’s role in the GOP and her political future.

Newsmax will provide the results of this poll to major media outlets. Additionally, Newsmax’s results will be shared with popular radio talk-show hosts across America.

Newsmax reports have been cited by major media outlets, including CNN, ABC News, Fox News, CBS, MSNBC and other major networks.

Don’t miss this opportunity to let your voice be heard! Many media outlets and national leaders are interested in your opinion. Hundreds of media outlets have reported on Newsmax’s online polls.

Vote today!


You’ll then be asked 4 questions:

  1. Whether you have a favorable or unfavorable view of Palin.
  2. Whether you approve or disapprove of her resigning from the Alaska governorship.
  3. Whether you’d support her if she runs for the presidency in 2012.
  4. Whether you voted for McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden in 2008.

To vote in this poll, go HERE.





4 responses

18 12 2009

Just voted.

Would you support Sarah Palin if she made a bid for the White House in 2012?

# Yes
359 (89.08%)

# No
34 (8.44%)

# Maybe
10 (2.48%)

19 12 2009

thanx 4 u news

19 12 2009

You’re most welcome! Drop by often, okay? đŸ˜€

19 12 2009

OKIE DOKE , me will thank u for much welcome

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