No Sympathy Among Devils

18 12 2009

This is how crazy people on the Left are.

Yesterday, in the UK’s Guardian, journalist and climate change proponent George Monbiot looked to Obama to be the messiah who’ll salvage the Copenhagen Climate Change Global Warming summit. Monbiot actually wrote this:

“Only one person can now rescue these climate talks…it is Barack Obama, and Barack Obama alone, who can rescue the climate negotiations from the dismal bickering into which they have slumped.”

Alas, Obama’s big speech last night to the conference reportedly is a big disappointment to the true believers because he offered “no further commitment on reducing emissions or on finance to poor countries” BEYOND THE $100 BILLION A YEAR that Hillary Clinton already promised yesterday.

Adding insult to injury, Venezuela’s commie president dictator, Hugo Chavez, said he “still” smelled sulfur in the room after Obama spoke. Chavez once said the same thing about George W. Bush.

There’s no honor among thieves, nor is there sympathy among devils.





One response

18 12 2009
Cecil Moon

It will be interesting to see whether riding up on his white horse to rescue the fiasco in Copenhagen will be as successful as trying to get the Olympics for Chicago. Somehow, I suspect he will go 0-2 on his record of “away” games.

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