Cool Stuff For Christmas

18 12 2009

H/T to Steve who always seems to know about everything. This one is so very very cool that it must be shared.




4 responses

19 12 2009

That was totally cool!! Any kid that sees this is going to want their dad to do that to their house…

19 12 2009


You have a good point. I may end up having a lot of Dads in big trouble.
My granddaughter is big into guitar hero, so when she saw that video she gave me that look. But I stood my ground and firmly told her… “maybe next year sweetheart”.

Gotta keep my macho image and all that.


19 12 2009

Better start prepping for next year…she’s not going to forget it!

21 12 2009

Sorry Gio…….Sheesh, Even I did not show my own Son as I could have forseen the out come……….LOL………..Steve’s Dog

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