Good News

17 12 2009

We don’t want to count our chickens before they’re hatched, but we can also use a boost.

It is looking bad for both the Senate healthcare bill and a Copenhagen climate change treaty!

On the Senate healthcare bill:

  • The unions, specifically AFLCIO and SEIU, are so unhappy over the stripping of the public option from the bill that their union bosses are huddled in emergency meeting to decide whether they’ll just give their lukewarm support to the bill or oppose it entirely. 
  • At the same time, Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson (D) just told a Nebraska radio station that he intends to stand his ground on the abortion issue. Nelson had introduced an amendment similar to the Stupak amendment in the House’s healthcare bill. But Nelson’s fellow Dem senators refused to go along with his amendment. Now, Nelson says he would filibuster the bill unless the abortion language mirrored what was included in the House bill!

As for the Copenhagen climate change summit:

  • Matters are in such disarray — with serious disagreements among governments, especially China, the world’s biggest polluter balking at signing on to emissions reduction — that none other than the summit’s secretary, Ed Miliband, warns that the whole thing is a “farce”.
  • China is saying that no agreement is likely to come out of the summit, and recommends that when the summit concludes tomorrow, they should just issue “a political statement” — which, no doubt, will be full of platitudes but, in the words of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, “signifying nothing.”

In the meantime, keep praying, everyone!





One response

17 12 2009
Doc's Wife

YES, there is a God! Pray that both fail.

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