Action Alert

17 12 2009

When do we get to see this bill presented by Harry Reid?



Reid is moving to cut off debate on ObamaCare as soon as
    this Friday and we still haven’t seen the bill! I believe a
    grand deception is under way. See below.

Dear Patriots:

Yesterday’s meeting between President Obama and the 60-member
democratic caucus means we’ve reached the end game on the
Senate ObamaCare vote.

But the meeting and Obama’s claim that we are “on the precipice”
to passage are all part of a grand deception scheme that,
sadly, is on the verge of succeeding.

First… The legislative text of the new Reid bill HAS NOT
BEEN RELEASED. There is NO BILL for your Senators to actually
see and read, and NO BILL for you to see and read!


Second, what’s really happening amounts to pure bribery.

    With YOUR MONEY, Reid and Obama are trying to buy
    the votes of swing senators to the tune of hundreds of
    millions of dollars. Reports indicate that Sen. Ben Nelson
    may have been offered $500 million in earmarks for his
    state in appreciation of his support of ObamaCare.

Also, we’re told that in Reid’s latest plan, the “public option”
has been removed. But has it? (I guess we’re supposed to take
Reid on his word that the not-yet-seen 2,000+ page bill does
not include a public option!) And does it matter…

    With or without a formal “public option,” ObamaCare
    means government-run health care. ObamaCare still is
    based on the unconstitutional “individual mandate,”
    includes massive tax increases, imposes an oppressive new
    government bureaucracy and puts the government in
    charge of your health care.

 Action: Let Your Senators Know What YOU Think!

I want to encourage you to use every means at your disposal to
let your Senators and other key Senators know what you think
about ObamaCare. Some resources for you:

Action #1: Fax Your Senators Now

Use our FaxFire system to get your faxes to your two Senators
and other key Senators right now. Go Here Now

Or… send your own faxes. We have provided all the information
you need. Go here

Action #2: Call your two Senators

Talking Points:

Tell them you live in their state

Tell your Senators you want to actually see the bill and that
  you are outraged that Senate leaders are forcing their secret
  bill to a final vote.

Tell them you oppose ObamaCare and urge them to vote “NO” on
  cloture and the final bill.

Tell them you oppose the unconstitutional “individual mandate”
  and the oppressive taxes in the plan.

To Locate Senate contact info Click Here

 Action #3: Alert your friends

We just completed the latest round of hand-delivery of more
than 800,000 petitions and our next hand-delivery will begin

Please forward this email to your friends and ask them to sign here
so they can be included in the next hand-delivery:

Thanks for taking a stand for freedom!

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation




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