Sen. Landrieu vs Howard Dean

16 12 2009

A friend called me a few minutes ago and said to quickly put on Chris Matthews’ Hardball. After I cleared the bile from my throat I turned to MSNBC.

Chris Matthews was in a nice little argument with Howard Dean over the Obamacare bill when he suddenly announced that Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu was joining the discussion from the Capitol. She immediately jumped on Dean because he wants the bill in the Senate killed. She then went on about all the good things that is still left in the bill and did her obligatory 60 second spin on Obamacare. One of the things that made me sit up from my couch and say “what the hell?” is when she made a comment that if the bill passes with public option stripped from it, that for once in our history Medicare would be FREE to everyone. HUH????

Can anyone that reads this blog please explain this to me? This is the first time I have ever heard anyone say that about this bill, so I’m more than just a little curious.




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