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15 12 2009
Tom in NC wrote an email to me late yesterday, and to tell you the truth I was glad to hear from him. He’s one of those members that checks-in or will post something at least once a week. In the email he expressed why he had

Transformational - Barack Obama 2012 - Comrade

backed off from getting involved and/or writing anything. The observations he makes below gives you insight as to why, but more importantly, it gives you insight as to how important it is that we NOT give up the fight. Personally, I see it this way… It’s Good vs Evil and Good must win!

Where do we go from here?
We have about 11 months until the midterm elections and eventhough only about 34% of people in this country support Obamacare, this administration and this congress are hell bent to force it down our throats with zero consideration for the will of the people. In 2010 a lot of the congressmen and women and senators(Republican and Democrat alike) are going to find themselves unemployed but until then they are still a dangerous lot. They can still impose their will on us, can still continue to strip away our rights. The TEA Parties are dismissed as fringe protests and in most cases ignored by our government and the SCM(State Controlled Media), the people raising concerns to our so-called representatives at the town hall meetings were called radical extremists or right wing nutjobs, the 9/12 March on DC by hundreds of thousands people from across this country was downplayed and outright lied about by the media. Last but not least the liberals love to mock us who support the TEA Party movement by referring to us as tea baggers(a deviant practice used by homosexuals, I will not give it any credence by describing it any further). So now we have a White House occupant that has gone around the world trashing and belittling our accomplishments, outright lying about our religous values, schmoozing our enemies while ignoring our allies. A government ignoring the will of the people, a SCM that lies and covers up the facts and people and organizations(Zoros,, ACORN, etc)in the background providing funding, fraud and corruption on a monumental scale. I know without a doubt that all this is calculated, not by accident or coincidence, this government wants total and complete control over all of us. So the question comesWHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE ?
We have several choices; First of all PRAY, pray for guidance from the Lord, he will lead you in the direction he will want you to take. Keep hammering at our representatives through phone calls, e-mails and requesting face-to-face meetings. If you are so inclined run for public office, you CAN make a difference even at the lowest levels of public service. Start a Conservative blog or contribute you thoughts to one, you never know who will read it and perhaps based on your writings could change someone’s opinion. Organize or participate in peaceful protests against the government.
But in the present climate where we have an occupant of the White House and a Congress who is both devious and dangerous, who are doing their best to kill our economy, make us a laughing stock before the world, ignoring threats and treating terrorism like a petty crime and give constitutional rights to terrorists who will make a mockery of our judicial system and has the potential to put our foreign policy, our intelligence organizations and past government officials including Bush and Cheney on trial. Taking us down the dark road to socialism through government run healthcare and cap and trade, the above choices may not be enough.
More drastic and perilous actions may be required, we must plan and be prepared, our government has become a dangerous entity, it has divided us as we have never been divided before, it is pushing us to dangerous and explosive limits and our options are becoming very limited. The thought of taking our country back by force from a corrupt government is not anything I would look forward to, I guess the first real test will come in 2010 and I pray that the tentacles of corruption snaking througout our government can finally be cut off, but we hve a tough road ahead, we can’t afford business as usual or candidates that will be corrupted by money and power, our vetting procedures must be fool-proof and Conservatives need only apply.The American people come from a proud heritage, we love our freedom and we love our country and will not shy away from a fight, we never have and never will, our fore-fathers fought, died and endured unimaginable hardships in order to establish and preserve our freedoms and  WE WILL NOT LET THEIR EFFORTS BE IN VAIN!!!!  
Tom in NC



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15 12 2009

Brave New World – 2009

This one made me really think – now I’m going to have to read Brave New World! (I somehow managed to miss this one in high school back in the dark ages.)
Not exactly Christmas reading, but then again perhaps it is. The Lord does definitely want us to have our eyes open.

A question:
Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to be surrounded by people (family, friends, etc.) who are just totally oblivious. And they don’t want to see what’s happening in this country (or the world). It feels a bit like being on the Titanic as it hits the iceberg, and being surrounded by people who don’t want to hear about it, much less about lifeboats, and who actually get upset with you for trying to tell them (nicely) what’s happening. Anybody else in this boat?

15 12 2009
The Angry White Woman

Just us rats.

16 12 2009


That’s how we got into this appalling mess in the first place — too many Americans who were willingly blind to the many curious, mysterious, suspicious, and troubling aspects of presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. Having elected him and put him into the White House, the last thing we can expect from these Americans is that they actually pay attention to what is going on, and trouble their precious pinheads by asking hard questions.

And the cursed willing accomplices in the Media go along, by their obsessive coverage of inconsequential trivia of Tiger Woods and Michael Jackson. It is the media’s macabre version of the orchestra playing while the Titanic sinks into the ocean.

16 12 2009


To answer your question… YES!!!


16 12 2009

Tom, Awesome piece, We will not go silently into the night. Just hope we can hold out till midterms. …..Steve

16 12 2009


Amen! It seems that our purpose (those of us that want to actively stay involved in saving this country) in life may very well be to lead and teach Americans to get involved, and why they should get involved.

We will be the ones to make history.


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