Holiday Blues

15 12 2009

A Gio Christmas Portrait.

Let me start out by saying… this is and always has been my favorite time of year. I can be heard singing or humming Christmas Carols from the moment I wake til the moment I lay down my head to sleep. And I may complain about going shopping, but I do love the decorations, the Christmas Music playing everywhere, and the unusually upbeat temporary holiday seasonal workers that actually say with pride “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. But today was different. I spent most of the day under the supervision of medical techs from special fields of expertise, so I had ample opportunity to talk to medical providers and patients alike. My purpose to engage people was two-fold. First I wanted to spread some cheer. Second, I wanted to see how strangers felt about Obamacare. I soon found out that nobody wanted to talk about it. Talk about the weather, or the fish in the tank at the Doc’s office, or someone’s recent hip replacement, no problem. But talk about anything political and the conversation was soon steered in another direction.

Maybe now I know why. After eating a relaxing meal at one of my favorite steak joints I came straight home to catch-up on the news of the day. I should have stayed at the restaurant and had a few more Beers. These are headlines I picked-up after 60 seconds of scanning for news. Sixty seconds! I may have to save my humming and singing until tomorrow.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama’s Latest Big Brother Plan

Ban Ki-moon tells Copenhagen summit to ‘seal a deal’

Ill. town welcomes plan to house Gitmo detainees

Obama Rallies Party on Health Bill

DC Council approves bill legalizing gay marriage

Obama’s next stimulus: More funds for home weatherization

Blast Kills 33 in Pakistan

Car bomber strikes near former VP home in Kabul

Inflation Deflates Stocks

Hints of inflation, but experts aren’t worried


P.S.  Bah-Humbug (just for tonight).




4 responses

15 12 2009

Yep, some sad and scary stories in our world right now. You gotta wonder what in the heck is going on in our country and every time I see another socialist plan my bloor pressure sky rockets…

But hang in there…2010 and 2012 are coming soon!

16 12 2009
Doc's Wife

Gio–I know what you mean about people not wanting to talk about probs. I don’t know if they don’t care, are stupid, or are more interested in Tiger Woods crappy life. Interestingly, it is our patients, especially the older ones, who are begging to discuss our future government problems w/health care on top. Many, many Americans are suffering strong emotional stresses because of what is happening, and no pill can help this!! Wonder what the gov’t. insurance code will be for this illness.

16 12 2009


Your mention of older patients brings up something that has been bothering me for over 6 months now. There seems to be this quiet undertone coming from the Obama White House and many of his supporters pitting young and old against each other. With the Obamacare issue it seems as if the younger generation has taken an attitude of “hey, you old folks get medical coverage, so where’s mine?”. The older generation paid into the system their entire working lives, and did so with almost no complaining for many years. But the younger generation seems to be in the right frame of mind for this particular president. Obama is using them to achieve his political goals because this generation of young are loudly saying “where’s mine, and I want it NOW”.

So the Obamacare issue alongside others, are taking advantage of the young wanting to take advantage of the older generation. And I know a lot of parents asking themselves (including me) “where did I go wrong?”.

Because I’m so darned opinionated, I have an answer…. we as parents on the whole did nothing wrong, it can be directly blamed on LIBERALISM. Liberal ideology has been taught in schools from 1st grade and all through College. Liberal ideology has snuck into our Churches, our Radio, TV, and almost every aspect of our lives. It can be pointed at for being responsible for throwing our society to the leftist Lions.

2010 is a good year to turn this around!


16 12 2009
Doc's Wife

Gio–I tend to agree w/ you somewhat about young Vs old. I do our medical dictation at home, and a short while ago I shook my head on one chart. This person requested referrals to 3 different specialists at this office visit, and she got them. I shouldn’t presume because I’m just the dication girl, but I have done charts on and off for 35yrs, and she didn’t seem too sick to me. Your tax dollars are going to pay for those visits because she has MEDICAID!!!!!

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