Wanted: Conservative Bloggers

14 12 2009

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Are you a Conservative blogger or website owner?

Do you sometimes post your thoughts for the day and wish you had an image to go with it?

We had the same problem, and that’s why we started CEA the Conservative Endowment for the Arts.

Actually, that was only half the reason. The other reason has to do with the way the White House is trying to use members

of the National Endowment for the Arts to help create propaganda art to help promote Obama’s agendas.

The NEA is funded by public money (taxes). So the Obama administration wants artists from the NEA to advance

Obama ideas by using public money. We think that is beyond reprehensible and down-right un-ethical.

That is not how we roll. The Conservative Endowment for the Arts is a completely volunteer organization.

We have artists that give their work to us for FREE and we let you use that very same artwork FREE of charge.

There are no gimmicks, or tricks, and there is never a ‘Gotcha’ moment.

CEA accepts any Conservative art that can be put on a website, but you need to think PG-13. Gotta keep it clean!

Here are a few examples to give you an idea… Political Satire, Cartoons, Photoshop Magic, Patriotic Poetry, and even Patriotic

Music. We will trust you to use your imaginations. Just make sure that all artwork has a Pro-Conservative message and/or

an Anti-Liberal/Marxist/Progressive message with a concentration on Anti-Obama.

Your artwork will loaded on to an CEA Gallery for all the world to see (make sure your name is on the work), and will be given

away free to anyone that wants to use it on their Blog or Website. Also, some people may use your art for T-Shirts, Protest Posters,

Bumper-Stickers, Yard Signs, etc, at no cost to them.

By now you should be getting the idea. 1. If the Progressive/Marxists in our White House can use artists to spread their propoganda,

then we can play the same game. 2. Conservative Artists get to have their talents seen by people from around the country. 3. The

Conservative Blogging World (and other venues) gets to use original artwork on their sites to give it that professional look. 4. And we

collectively get to thumb our noses at the Obama administration. All this for FREE with NO strings attached.


Whether you want to leave art, or take art you gotta start here…





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